Unsettling Rumors

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Unsettling Rumors
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Devona
in Lakeside County
(Ascalon (pre-Searing))
Preceded by Warrior Test
Ranger Test
Monk Test
Necromancer Test
Mesmer Test
Elementalist Test
Type Primary quest

See what Meerak has to say and report back anything important. This quest also introduces players to map travel.

Quest information[edit]





Head through the portal for Ashford Abbey to the northwest of Devona and speak with Meerak. He will advise you to use your map to travel to Ascalon City. Press the "M" key and a map of the area will appear. Double-click on the icon for Ascalon City on the map and you will travel directly there.


Initial dialogue[edit]

"I've heard talk among the townsfolk of unsettling rumors coming from Meerak the Scribe. Instead of babbling to random strangers, he ought to send word to the authorities if he's come across something truly important, but I'm sure he's too engrossed in his books to think of anything practical like that."
"My duties in town keep me from looking into this matter myself, but if you could go to Ashford Abbey to the north and ask him about it, I'd appreciate it."
Yes Accept: "I'll see what he has to say."
No Decline: "I have better things to do."
Ask Ask: "Meerak the Scribe is in Ashford Abbey, just northwest of here. Please find out if he's learned something truly important or if he's just spreading rumors."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Meerak the Scribe
"Devona sent you? Bless her. She knows I could use the help. I have an important message that must be delivered to Armin Saberlin in Ascalon City."
"I received a vision from Dwayna: She warned me that something dire is developing among the Charr. The city must be alerted!"
"I'll stay here and see if I can divine any more information. In the meantime, consult your map of Lakeside County to hasten your travel. Press "M" to view the map, then double-click a location to travel there."
"It is important that this message be delivered with good speed. Remember to use your map!"
Unknown "I'll be on my way!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Armin Saberlin
"A message from Meerak, is it? Let me see that... This is grave news indeed. I hope he's mistaken about this. Dwayna protect us if this information is accurate. If such a thing is even possible, then King Adelbern has ordered this offensive against the Charr not a moment too soon. We must not lose this fight, I tell you. We must not lose this fight."


  • Despite being a primary quest, completing it is not necessary for receiving A Second Profession from Armin Saberlin and continuing with the story.
  • The Tall Shield rewarded by this quest has a unique skin when compared to the normal Tall Shield.