Ashford Abbey

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Ashford Abbey
Ashford Abbey.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Ascalon (pre-Searing)
Type Outpost
Party size 2
Exit(s) Lakeside County
The Catacombs

Situated just outside of the catacombs, Ashford Abbey is the resting place for many of Ascalon's most distinguished deceased citizens. On nice days, you will find the heads of many noble houses coming to this spot, paying their respects to their ancestors. It's also not uncommon to find a priest or priestess of Dwayna here, kneeling in supplication before the statue of their goddess.

— in-game description

Ashford Abbey is a peaceful haven that caters to the spiritual needs of the village of Ashford. The abbey is dedicated to Dwayna, the goddess of light and air.

Getting there[edit]

Located just outside the village of Ashford. Follow the road southwest from Ascalon City.


Statue of Dwayna
  • At the edge of the main courtyard.

Quests available[edit]




Other characters[edit]



Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on Abbey Ruins .
The "Haunting Spectre"
  • Viewing the abbey from the outside, near the statue of Dwayna, there is a spirit (with the model of a Wailing Lord). In the Prima guide to Prophecies it is listed as a Haunting Spectre.
  • After the Searing Ashford Abbey is renamed Sardelac Sanitarium.
  • When viewing Ashford Abbey from outside, you can see various objects and NPCs you shouldn't be able to see from outside, including the above mentioned Brother Mhenlo, and also Wilton Payce (who seems to start his walk from somewhere near The Catacombs).
  • When viewing Ashford Abbey from outside, you can see "Mhenlo" (Meerak the Scribe) wearing an other Armor as in Ashford Abbey
"Mhenlo"(Meerak) With other Armor

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