Ascalon City (pre-Searing)

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Ascalon City (pre-Searing)
Ascalon City (pre-Searing).jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Ascalon (pre-Searing)
Type Outpost
Party size 2
Exit(s) Ascalon Academy
Lakeside County

The largest city in the kingdom, Ascalon City is known for its beautiful architecture, numerous libraries, and bountiful shops. Because it is where many noble families makes[sic] their home, it tends to receive the largest number of visitors and has become the cultural center of Ascalon.

— in-game description

Ascalon City is the largest city in the Kingdom of Ascalon, on the continent of Tyria. When you create a role-playing character in Guild Wars Prophecies, this is your starting point.

Quests available[edit]





Other allies[edit]


Humans (Ascalon Army)


Note: enemies cannot be reached by players.




  • When sitting on the north wall in Ascalon, death can occur from a Charr attack or spell.
  • King Adelbern appears in two different spots: with the Ascalon Scribe looking over the battle, and on the stairs on the northern side of the lake where Sir Tydus is in Post-Searing.
  • The small lake near Sir Tydus is the new location of Ascalon City after the Searing.
  • Behind a wall, near the site of the battle, there seems to be a Resurrection Shrine, since all the Ascalonian Guards' corpses appear there after death and, after a few seconds, they do the normal resurrection shrine animation, then rejoin the battle.
  • If you hold down the Show Others key (Left Alt by default), you can see Gwen behind the western wall of the city. She, and 3 townsfolk are standing near where Lady Althea stands when you go outside the town, near her theatre.
  • Newly created Prophecies role-playing characters are visible to other players while watching the Last Day Dawns cinematic. The area in which they stand is unreachable, close to King Adelbern and the Ascalon Scribe.


  • Ashkelon was a large and important seaport in ancient Canaan. Its name was later interpreted as "Ascalon" by the English Crusaders. The "Battle of Ascalon" is generally considered to be the last battle of the First Crusade. It was finally destroyed for the last time in 1270 CE by the Mamluks. The ruins rest in what is now Israel's South District.

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