The Last Day Dawns (cinematic)

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The Last Day Dawns
Plays during After creation of a Prophecies roleplaying character
Annihilator 2: Searing Day
Region Ascalon (pre-Searing)
Location Ascalon City (outpost)
Campaign Prophecies

The Last Day Dawns cinematic still.jpg
The last day dawns on the Kingdom of Ascalon


Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


Narrator: "The last day dawns on the Kingdom of Ascalon."
Narrator: "It arrives with no fanfare, no tolling of alarms."
Narrator: "Those who will remember, will speak fondly of the warm morning breeze."
Narrator: "People carry on with their daily lives, unaware that in a short while . . ."
Narrator: "Everything they have ever known will come to an end."

King Adelbern: "Scribe!"
Ascalonian Scribe: "Yes, my lord."
King Adelbern: "These Charr are relentless, but we shall hold the Wall at all costs."
Ascalonian Scribe: "Yes, my lord."
King Adelbern: "Take this message to Sir Tydus."
King Adelbern: "Go forth and recruit the strongest, the smartest."
King Adelbern: "Bring to me the bravest in all Ascalon."
King Adelbern: "Find me the heroes who will lead our kingdom to glory."
Ascalonian Scribe: "As you command, my king."


The Last Day Dawns Beta.jpg
"By royal decree of his majesty King Adelbern, all-able bodied citizens of fighting age must serve in the Army of Ascalon."

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