Lion's Arch (cinematic)

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Lion's Arch
Plays during Chaos in Kryta
Terror in Tyria
Region Kryta
Location Lion's Gate
Campaign Prophecies

Lion's Arch cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic 1 — The Lion's Gate lighthouse overlooking Lion's Arch.


Minor characters[edit]


Kryta. The City of Lion's Arch. 1582 CC.
Of the great kingdoms of old, Ascalon has been all but destroyed by the invading Charr army.
The Shiverpeaks...home of the Deldrimor Dwarves...are torn by civil war.
No outsiders may trespass there.
The lands of Orr lie at the bottom of the ocean, destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion.
Only Kryta remains...the last hope for the great kingdoms of Tyria, and new home to the refugees of Ascalon.
And now, evil turns its eyes to Kryta.
An army of undead threatens to bring destruction to the last of Tyria's great kingdoms.
The people of Kryta and the refugees of Ascalon turn in search of heroes who can bring peace to Tyria.
But who shall answer the call?


  • There are no spoken words in this cinematic, only subtitles.
  • The date 1582 CC, from the Canthan Calendar system, is mentioned even to characters traveling from Elona.

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