Ascalonian Townsfolk

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Ascalonian Townsfolk
Ascalonian townsfolk m.jpgAscalonian townsfolk f.jpg
Affiliation Ascalonians
Type Human
Level(s) 1
Campaign Prophecies

Ascalonian Townsfolk are NPCs that roam the pre-Searing Ascalon.



Male Ascalonian Townsfolk
"Both of Jargus's oxen went lame yesterday. Rough luck, that."
"I have a son about your age. He hopes to be a Warmaster before long."
"I've heard rumors that Prince Rurik and his father haven't been seeing eye-to-eye. If it comes down to it, I stand with the prince."
"That idiot Edwen thinks he can just let his pigs wander into our garden and eat our vegetables. Well, I'm sick of it, I tell you."
"The missus and I came into town to buy some goods, but we're heading back to Regent Valley later today."
"The sun's out, the fish are jumping, it's a peaceful time. What more could we ask for?"
"There's good hunting out towards the lake, you know. You can find wild pigs, bears, and even monstrous skale."
"This weather has been nice, but our crops sure could use a little rain."
"You won't find a prettier place in the whole of Tyria than right here."
Female Ascalonian Townsfolk
"I hope it rains soon, or this will be the first year that my tomatoes don't bring in first place at the fair."
"I'm serving mutton stew tonight. Everyone always try to get the recipe out of me, but I won't tell a soul. It's an old family secret, it is."
"Lovely day isn't it. Thanks be to Melandru."
"My daughter hasn't been feeling well, so I'm going to see Ciglo. His remedies have never failed us, and his prices are very good."
"My husband's serving in the army. It's awfully lonely without him here, but I know he's doing his duty."
"My son would have been about your age. He was killed in a Charr ambush in Diessa."
"Oh hello. I'm just taking a quick break from the chores and enjoying some fresh air."
"Sorry no time to talk today. I'm on my way to the market to pick up some fresh fish. If I lollygag, there won't be anything left but a few rotten fish heads."
"What a handsome couple Prince Rurik and Lady Althea make. Their wedding is going to be quite an event. I heard the train on Lady Althea's dress is going to be twenty feet long!"
"You really should visit the crafters, today. I've just been, and their wares are excellent."


  • When the male Ascalonian Townsfolk talk about "Edwen's pigs", they could possibly be referring to Farmer Dirk.