Lakeside County

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Lakeside County
Prophecies screenshot 060.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Ascalon (pre-Searing)
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Ascalon City
Ashford Abbey
Green Hills County
Regent Valley
The Northlands
Wizard's Folly
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Interactive map
Non-interactive map

Lakeside County is the county directly outside Ascalon City, named so because of the lake that is its eastern border. Lakeside County is also the location of Ashford, with its abbey.


Statue of Lyssa

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Ascalon Army[edit]

See also: Ascalon Army

Other allies[edit]

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Lady Althea and Old Mac[edit]

Old Mac: See here, miss! I understand you're responisble for what's happened to my poor Bill!
Lady Althea: You must be mistaken. I know no Bill.
Old Mac: Bill the Bull, lady. You had him killed, and I demand recompense!
Lady Althea: I think not, sir. Your "poor Bill'[sic] was loose and attacking citizens in the Ashford road. He was put down, and rightly so. Perhaps you'll keep a closer eye on your livestock in the future.
Old Mac: You've not heard the last of this! I'll get what's comming to me, or I'll see your precious theathre shut down, I will!

Rurik and Osric[edit]

Prince Rurik: Lovely, isn't she?
Captain Osric: As lovely as the day is long. You're a lucky man, Your Highness.
Prince Rurik: Aye, that I am.
Captain Osric: And what of the blessed event? Have you set a date?
Prince Rurik: No, but I've got a more pressing problem, believe it or not.
Captain Osric: What is it, my prince?
Prince Rurik: It's Althea's birthday tomorrow, and I haven't a gift for her. I've searched the shops, the treasure room...I need something utterly unique and breathtaking. Like Althea.
Captain Osric: Don't give it another thought, Your Highness. Leave it to me.
Prince Rurik: You've served me well in trying times, Osric, and for that you have my respect. If you can do this thing for me, you'll have my undying gratitude, as well.

Profession Trainers[edit]

These will only happen if two new characters of different professions team up, so that both trainers spawn.

Howland the Elementalist: /bow Hail, Monk. Good day to you.
Ciglo the Monk: /bow And to you, Howland.How goes the quest for knowledge?
Howland the Elementalist: /ponder Eternal, as ever, Ciglo. As ever.

Ciglo the Monk: /wave Greetings, Van. Taking a break from your training? I hear you're putting in long hours these days.
Van the Warrior: /goteam? Eight hours a day, every day. A Warrior must always be prepared, eh, Ciglo?
Ciglo the Monk: /point You speak true, though few have your dedication and discipline, Van.

Ciglo the Monk: /? Greetings, Sebedoh. Dwayna's blessings be upon you.
Sebedoh the Mesmer: /? Thank you, Ciglo. And Lyssa's on you, if you wish them.

Ciglo the Monk: /shoo Would that you would see the light, Verata, but alas, I fear you never will.
Verata the Necromancer: /laugh

Artemis the Ranger: /wave Ciglo! How are you this fine day, my friend.?
Ciglo the Monk: /bow Artemis, good to see you. I'm well, thank you. And you? How fares you injured elbow?
Artemis the Ranger: /cheer Fully healed, thank to you...and Dwayna, of course!

Artemis the Ranger: /wave Howland, you're looking even more dour than usual this fine day. What's on your mind, friend?
Howland the Elementalist: /ponder Ah, Artemis. And you are as cheerful and chatty as ever. I was just contemplating the nature of the elements as they relate to the seasons and the cycles of the human...
Artemis the Ranger: /no? Stop! You're making my head hurt!

Verata the Necromancer: /bow
Howland the Elementalist: /point Ahem...yes, to you as well, Verata.

Van the Warrior: /wave Greetings and good day, Howland. Howland? Hello?
Howland the Elementalist: /ponder Hmmmm? Oh, Van. Yes. good day to you, too.
Van the Warrior: /sigh? Hmph

Sebedoh the Mesmer: /wave Good day, Howland. Lovely weather, eh?
Howland the Elementalist: /point? And to you, Sebedoh. The weather is acceptable, I suppose.
Sebedoh the Mesmer: /yawn Aye, though all this sunshine is making me sleepy.

Artemis the Ranger:/? Verata! How are you, my friend? You're looking a bit pale...heh heh.
Verata the Necromancer: /?
Artemis the Ranger:/? Humor is good for the soul, Verata! And laughter is the cure to all life's ills. Well, most of them, anyway.

Artemis the Ranger:/wave Van, my old friend. Can you spar with me later? I miss our talks.
Van the Warrior: /ponder Hail, Artemis. Would that your fists were as quick as your tongue. I'm busy today, but perhaps another time.
Artemis the Ranger:/yes? As you say. I'll look forward to it.

Artemis the Ranger:/wave Hail, Sebedoh! You're looking dapper today, as always!
Sebedoh the Mesmer: /? Why thank you, Artemis. You're looking well too...considering.

Verata the Necromancer: /beckon
Van the Warrior: /laugh Very funny, Verata. You'll not have a chance at my corpse anytime soon.

Van the Warrior: /wave? Greetings, Mesmer. Are you training a new apprentice today?
Sebedoh the Mesmer: /Yawn Aye, if one arrives before I tire of waiting.
Van the Warrior: /goteam? You should really get more exercise, Sebedoh. It would do wonders for your energy.

Verata the Necromancer: /yawn?
Sebedoh the Mesmer: /yawn That's good advice. Perhaps I should go inside and take a nap.




Anomaly Anomaly. Warmaster Grast, Farrah Cappo, and the Statue of Balthazar in Green Hills County are visible from the Lakeside County side of the portal. Brother Mhenlo, the Statue of Dwayna, and the entrance to the Catacombs are visible from outside of Ashford Abbey. Mhenlo is seen in his original 2005 location.


  • The location occupied by Hamish, if visited in post-Searing, will have the remains of what looks like a wagon.

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