Tithe for Ashford Abbey

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Tithe for Ashford Abbey
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Devona
in Lakeside County
(Ascalon (pre-Searing))
Preceded by Unsettling Rumors
Type Secondary quest

Devona asks you to fetch Duke Barradin's tithe from Grazden the Protector in Green Hills County.

Quest information[edit]





After talking to Devona, you can go straight to the north eastern limit of the map where the portal to Green Hills County is located. Map traveling to Ashford Abbey and starting from the entrance of the outpost can spare you a bit of time instead of starting from Devona's location.

Right after the portal there is a statue of Balthazar and a Resurrection Shrine right afterwards, where Grazden the Protector can be found. Map travel to Ashford Abbey and go to Devona to deliver the tithe and claim your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

"You've shown yourself to be courageous and trustworthy. I could use your help. With so many bandits and troublemakers around these days, Brother Mhenlo has asked for my help in collecting the tithe for Ashford Abbey. Duke Barradin is especially generous to the church and I suspect bandits will attempt to intercept his donation."
"Could you get Barradin's tithe from his man Grazden and deliver it to me? Grazden will be in Green Hills County, north of here."
Yes Accept: "I'll do what I can to help."
No Decline: "I'm sorry. I don't have time for this."
Ask Ask: "To find Grazden, just go north until you reach a road and then follow the signs to Green Hills County."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Grazden the Protector
"You're here to collect Barradin's tithe? You look like you could use a little assistance on the return trip. I'm certain that Dwayna will be watching over you should you encounter any bandits on your way back."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Thank you for delivering the tithe. I trust you didn't run into any trouble you couldn't handle. You can be sure I will pass word of your bravery on to Sir Tydus."


  • While the initial, intermediate, and reward dialogue all allude to an encounter with bandits, no bandits are encountered as part of this quest.