Hidden Stash

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Hidden Stash
Hidden Stash.jpg
Type Chest
Campaigns Core

A Hidden Stash is a type of unlocked chest in the form of a barrel, found in most explorable areas of pre-Searing Ascalon, usually in remote locations away from paths or roads. When activated by the player, the barrel releases zero to three weapons, up to uncommon (purple) rarity. Stashes found in The Northlands may also produce gold coins in addition to or instead of weapons.



Hidden Stash Light.jpg
  • Hidden Stashes appear to be subject to the same rules as creatures, certain aspects of the anti-farming code, in that they often will not produce anything when opened soon after entering an instance.
  • Hidden Stashes can drop items that no other mob in pre-searing Ascalon drop, such as Serpent Axes and Summit Hammers.


  • When its model is extracted, a golden glow can be seen coming from the Hidden Stash's barrel. This is invisible ingame.
  • Hidden Stashes seem to be leftovers of the original Prophecies chest system, where all chests can be opened without key and would drop common loot. This was replaced with the current key system in the September 7, 2005 update.