Howland the Elementalist

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Howland the Elementalist
Ascalon elementalist m.jpg
Affiliation Ascalonians
Type Human
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 2
Campaign Prophecies
Primary Profession Test map.jpg
Location in Lakeside County from Ascalon City

Howland the Elementalist is the first Elementalist Profession Trainer in Pre-Searing. He later re-appears in Post-Searing as one of the Ascalonian refugees in Yak's Bend.



Quests given:


Lakeside County[edit]

to Elementalists
"Sir Tydus wanted me to evaluate you. And everything, including this conversation, is part of the evaluation, so try to say something sensible."
"What brings you here?"
to Mesmers
"What is it, Mesmer? You can't possibly think I have anything to teach you. I don't pay attention to the latest fashions. Sebedoh is your man." [sic]
to Monks, Necromancers, Rangers and Warriors
"If you are not an Elementalist, I certainly have nothing to teach you."
if spawned together with Sebedoh the Mesmer
Sebedoh the Mesmer: "Good day, Howland. Lovely weather, eh?"
Howland the Elementalist: "And to you, Sebedoh. The weather is acceptable, I suppose."
Sebedoh the Mesmer: "Aye, though all this sunshine makes me sleepy."
if spawned together with Ciglo the Monk
Howland the Elementalist: "Hail, Monk. Good day to you."
Ciglo the Monk: "And to you too, Howland. How goes the quest for knowledge?"
Howland the Elementalist: "Eternal, as ever, Ciglo. As ever."
if spawned together with Verata the Necromancer
Verata the Necromancer bows to Howland the Elementalist.
Howland the Elementalist: "Ahem...yes, to you as well Verata."
if spawned together with Artemis the Ranger
Artemis the Ranger: "Howland, you're looking even more dour than usual this fine day. What's on your mind, friend?"
Howland the Elementalist: "Ah, Artemis. And you are as cheerful and chatty as ever. I was just contemplating the nature of the elements as they relate to the seasons and the cycles of the human...."
Artemis the Ranger: "Stop! You're making my head hurt!"
if spawned together with Van the Warrior
Van the Warrior: "Greetings and good day, Howland. Howland? Hello?"
Howland the Elementalist: "Hmmm? Oh, Van. Yes, good day to you too."
Van the Warrior: "Hmph."

Yak's Bend[edit]

"I haven't the time for idle chatter. What is it you want?"


  • He used to be called Rodgort in beta, but his name was changed for unknown reasons. There are still two Elementalist Skills that may be named after him: Rodgort's Invocation and Mark of Rodgort.
  • Howland may be named after the wizard Howl from the book Howl's Moving Castle.