Artemis the Ranger

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Artemis the Ranger
Ascalon ranger f.jpg
Affiliation Ascalonians
Type Human
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 2
Campaign Prophecies
Primary Profession Test map.jpg
Location in Lakeside County from Ascalon City
Artemis the Ranger map.jpg
Location in Traveler's Vale from Yak's Bend

Artemis the Ranger is the first Ranger Profession Trainer in Pre-Searing. She can later be found in Traveler's Vale, to the north-west of Yak's Bend.



Quests given:



Lakeside County[edit]

to Rangers
"Such a beautiful day. What a shame to be at the city gates when the woods stretch out before us.
What brings you here?"
to Warriors
"Ah, a Warrior! I've nothing against Warriors, you understand, but I can't train you, either. Speak to Van if you wish to train."
to Elementalists, Mesmers, Monks and Necromancers
"Greetings! My name is Artemis, and I'm in charge on Ranger training. You're not a Ranger, are you? Perhaps one of the other trainers can help you."
if spawned together with Howland the Elementalist
Artemis the Ranger: "Howland, you're looking even more dour than usual this fine day. What's on your mind, friend?"
Howland the Elementalist: "Ah, Artemis. And you are as cheerful and chatty as ever. I was just contemplating the nature of the elements as they relate to the seasons and the cycles of the human...."
Artemis the Ranger: "Stop! You're making my head hurt!"
if spawned together with Sebedoh the Mesmer
Artemis the Ranger "Hail, Sebedoh! You're looking dapper today, as always!"
Sebedoh the Mesmer "Why thank you, Artemis. You're looking well yourself...considering."
if spawned together with Ciglo the Monk
Artemis the Ranger: "Ciglo! How are you this fine day, my friend?"
Ciglo the Monk: "Artemis, good to see you. I'm well thank you. And you? How fares your injured elbow?"
Artemis the Ranger: "Fully healed, thanks to you...and Dwayna, of course!"
if spawned together with Verata the Necromancer
Artemis the Ranger: "Verata! How are you, my friend? You're looking a bit pale...heh heh."
Verata the Necromancer shoos Artemis the Ranger away.
Artemis the Ranger: "Humor is good for the soul, Verata! And laughter is the cure to all life's ills. Well, most of them, anyway."
if spawned together with Van the Warrior
Artemis the Ranger: "Van, my old friend. Care to spar with me later? I miss our talks."
Van the Warrior: "Hail, Artemis. Would that your fists were as quick as your tongue. I'm busy today, but perhaps another time."
Artemis the Ranger: "As you say. I'll look forward to it!"

Traveler's Vale[edit]

"It's going to be tough getting all of our people through these mountains unscathed but with Rurik to lead us we shall persevere.
How may I aid you?"



  • Artemis is the Greek goddess of forests, hills and hunting. She is often depicted as carrying bows and arrows.