Prize-Winning Hog

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Prize-Winning Hog
Affiliation Presearing wildlife
Type Beast
Level(s) 1 (24)
Campaign Prophecies
Farmer Dirk map.jpg
Location in Lakeside County from Ashford Abbey

Prize-Winning Hogs can be found twice in the Prophecies campaign, both times belonging to Farmer Dirk.

Prior to the Searing, 5 of them can be found at his farm in Ashford Village. Later on in the campaign, only 1 of them survives, and is part of a quest given to you by Farmer Dirk.

Much like the nearby Rabbit, the Prize-Winning Hogs cannot be tamed by a Ranger using Charm Animal, as they are not recognised by the game as charmable animals.



Quests involved in:


  • Although they are labelled as "Prize-Winning", they share the same looks and characteristics as normal Warthogs, and are always level 1. Farmer Dirk implies through his dialog that it is their taste that earns them their title.
  • Though you just have to herd in 4-5 hogs, there are usually 9 total.