The Last Hog

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The Last Hog
Section Kryta Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Farmer Dirk
in North Kryta Province
Type Secondary quest
The Last Hog map 2.jpg
Straightforward path
The Last Hog Map.jpg
"Can't beat the Ettins" walkthrough

Farmer Dirk, who asked you to gather his hogs in pre-Searing Ascalon, is once more missing a pig (Curly). He is too scared to go get it himself so asks you to herd it back. Easy enough except for the spawning of Gypsie Ettins who attack you once you find the animal.

Quest information[edit]





Normal walkthrough

From Farmer Dirk, you have to travel South. The prize winning hog is a bit South of the entrance to Nebo Terrace. At the junction to the Nebo Terrace entrance, four groups of two level 15 Gypsie Ettins will appear. Once these are killed, you need to "bump" the hog (like a soccerball) back to Farmer Dirk. If it gets stuck along the sides of the path, back off a bit and wait for it to move out enough that you can redirect it. You don't have to get the hog into the pen, just as far as Farmer Dirk.

Bug Bug.When the path splits into two with the big tree in the middle, try to avoid letting the hog near the tree where it can get stuck when it moves through the tree. If this happens you have to rezone and start over again.

"Can't beat the Ettins" walkthrough

If you cannot beat the 8 Ettins (coming in pairs), you can still finish the quest. When you "meet" the hog (at the blue dot), push it as fast as possible towards the south so the incoming Ettins stop before detecting you. Then push him around the east-side hill following the red dots. At the yellow dot, you'll meet a pack of Bog Scales, which you can either kill or run through. Walk through the village once more, reach the farmer, and you're done.



Initial dialogue[edit]

Farmer Dirk
"I recognize you! You're <Character Name>, the one who got us through the mountains. If you have the time, I sure would appreciate it if you could help me with a problem. My last prize-winning hog has run off! He was heading south, but I'm afraid to go after him with all the ettins and those bird men about. He might be a little skittish, so you'll probably have to chase him back here.
Will you retrieve my prize-winning hog for me?"
Yes Accept: "Why not, I've nothing else to do."
No Decline: "That's beneath me."
Ask Ask: "Please chase my prize-winning hog back here. He's probably south of here and half scared out of his mind."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Farmer Dirk
"Thank you, <Character Name>! I'll never forget this. After losing half of my hogs in the Searing and the other half being turned into bacon for the journey through those mountains, I was worried sick that I'd lose this last little guy."