Bandit Raid

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Bandit Raid
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Baron Egan
in Pre-Searing Ascalon City
(Ascalon (pre-Searing))
Type Secondary quest
Bandit Raid map.JPG
Quest Location

Bandits have ambushed a royal tax collector and stolen a strongbox full of gold. Baron Egan has tasked you with the duty of recovering it.

Quest information[edit]





It is best to start this quest from Ashford Abbey. Exit from it and head across the worm field. You will see some bandits wandering around and near a campfire ringed by crates. That would be the bandit camp. Try to only fight the ones that attack you first, if you want to save time. Only the ones closest to the strongbox will notice you, so when they do, be prepared. Be careful not to aggro too many of them at once. Once the camp is clear, pick up the strongbox and take it to Devona for your reward.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Baron Egan
"A group of bandits has been terrorizing Lakeside recently. They have grown so bold that they ambushed a royal tax collector and stole a chest full of gold. That gold is vital to our war effort against the Charr and must be recovered! You look like you could give those bandits a good thrashing. Will you recover the stolen chest and then return it to Devona in Ashford for me?"
Yes Accept: "You can count on me."
No Decline: "I don't think I'm the right person for the job."
Ask Ask: "The sooner you go after those bandits, the better the chances of catching them. Bring back that chest of gold. Hurry!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

"That is that chest of stolen gold that Baron Egan has been talking about! It must have been difficult dealing with those bandits. I'm impressed! If only we had more like you, we'd have no fear of the Charr at all."


  • Sometimes a Wolf will attack the Bandit Firestarters and a long fight will start. It's safe to go up close and watch, because the Wolf will be busy and the Firestarters won't attack you unless you start a fight with them. You can even walk right up to them with the strongbox and they won't do anything.
  • Higher level characters (particularly Elementalists with Fire Storm) can farm this quest for dyes and/or Worn Belts.