River Skale Brood

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River Skale Brood
Skale blue.jpg
Affiliation Presearing wildlife
Type Skale
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 4, 15
Campaign Prophecies
River Skale Brood location.jpg
Location in Lakeside County

The River Skale Brood is the largest and most dangerous Skale encountered in pre-Searing Ascalon. Despite its relative low-level, it has several features which make it one of the toughest creatures on the southern side of the Great Northern Wall. The Brood has extended aggro range, can heal with Aura of Restoration while striking hard with the spammable Ice Spear.



0 Energy Storage, 5 Water Magic

During Annihilator 2: Searing Day

Items dropped[edit]


Bug Bug.On rare occasions, this foe fails to spawn when Domination Magic is active.
Optimal location for spell-based attacks.
  • The brood is the only foe in pre-Searing with an extended aggro range.
  • With Ice Spear, the brood deals 27 (26) damage per hit to targets with an armor rating of 5 (7) (i.e. all casters) and still deal around 10 damage per hit to targets with an armor rating of 42(i.e. rangers).
  • Unlike other level 4 creatures, level 4 broods have 100 health.
  • Some players might find the brood located south of Ashford Abbey to be a good way to get experience. However there's a nearby Skale Broodcaller and you'll usually aggro both at the same time.
    • To defeat them separately using a low-level character, pull the broodcaller first, then retreat until the brood loses aggro and finally defeat the broodcaller.
    • Alternatively, you can attack the brood from the road to Regent Valley through the wall. Approaching from this side, the brood will usually move closer to the wall in an attempt to attack you but cannot reach you and is therefore vulnerable to non-projectile spells (such as Fire Storm). This method can prove to be the fastest for farming xp since you only need to rezone using the portal to Regent Valley once the brood is killed. However, the brood will quickly move away so a high firepower is required.