Wilton Payce

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Wilton Payce
Ascalonian townsfolk m.jpg
Affiliation Ascalonians
Type Human
Level(s) 1
Campaign Prophecies

Wilton Payce can be found walking on the roads in Lakeside County. He is the husband to Ciena Payce and father to Anne Payce.



When heading towards Ascalon City:

"I'm on an errand to Ascalon, try to catch me on the way home"

When heading towards the village of Ashford:

"I'm just returning to Ashford from the city. Perhaps we can speak later."

Lion's Arch (War in Kryta):

"We were attacked by some mergoyles on our way back to Lion's Arch. Thank goodness Captain Greywind was there to protect us."


Anomaly Anomaly.Wilton Payce will walk through the portal to Ashford Abbey over the course of his patrol.
  • 1 of 4 NPCs that path Lakeside County from Ascalon to 1 of 4 exits. Likely in place to guide new players to new areas.

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