Opposition to the King

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Opposition to the King
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Devona
in Lakeside County
(Ascalon (pre-Searing))
Preceded by Unsettling Rumors
Type Secondary quest
Opposition to the King map.JPG
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Find support for King Adelbern by asking 3 locals in Green Hills County.

Quest information[edit]



  • Go north from Ashford to find the road to Green Hills County. Once in Green Hills County, question at least three locals about opposition to the king.
  • [0..3]/3 locals questioned.
  • Return to Devona for your reward.



Once you obtain the quest, fast travel to Ascalon City because it's closer. Exit to Lakeside County, head right and follow the road until you reach Green Hills County and talk to the three closest NPCs, Farrah Cappo, Grazden the Protector and Kasha Blackblood.


Initial dialogue[edit]

"It's sad. These Royalist fools oppose King Adelbern because he was not born into nobility. They forget it was Adelbern who saved us from the Guild Wars and the old king, Grenth Be Just, who nearly brought Ascalon to ruin.
These Royalists hope to depose Adelbern and place Duke Barradin on the throne, but no one dares implicate the duke in their actions. I'd like you to go to Green Hills County and search for signs of support for the Royalists. Head north until you find a road to Green Hill County, and talk to at least three people there. Sound them out to see if they have Royalist sentiments.
One warning though: Do not talk to Warmaster Grast. At the slightest mention of disloyalty to Adelbern, he's likely to crush your skull."
Yes Accept: "I'll see what I can do."
No Decline: "I'm no spy. Get someone else."
Ask Ask: "The road to Green Hills County is past those fields to the north. All I ask is that you question at least three locals to see how loyal they are to the king.
Oh, but remember: Do not talk to Warmaster Grast about this. Not if you value your life."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Farrah Cappo
"You must be joking. Not since King Doric himself has Ascalon had a finer king than Adelbern. The only good Royalist is a dead Royalist, I say."
No "Excuse me, my mistake."
Grazden the Protector
"From what I have seen, King Adelbern is a man of great compassion. There will always be those malcontents who seek to blame every hardship in life on the current monarch. Many of the Royalists are merely misguided. In time, they will realize the error of their ways."
No "I hope you are right."
Kasha Blackblood
"Maybe you don't remember how Ascalon was before Adelbern. The crown peddled influence to guilds for the slightest show of coin. Who would wish for a thing like that to return?"
No "Not I! Long live the king!"
Little Thom
"You've got a lot of nerve talking about that here. It's true the duke was next in line when the royal family was assassinated, but he fully supported the crowning of Adelbern. Wasn't it the duke, after all, who appointed Adelbern commander of the army after the Battle of Rin?"
No "I'm sorry. I misspoke."
Duke Barradin
"It saddens me greatly to see people use my name and lineage to stir up trouble. Adelbern is a great king, and I see already in his son Rurik the markings of greatness. Disloyalty to Adelbern is nothing less than betrayal of Ascalon, but you were asking in a strictly theoretical sense, weren't you?"
No "Yes, of course. Long live the king!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

"So, the duke's people are loyal to Alderbern[sic] after all. I'm pleased to hear that."