King Adelbern

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King Adelbern
King Adelbern.jpg
Affiliation Ascalon Army
Type Human
Professions Warrior Warrior
Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 10, 24 [30]
Campaign Prophecies

Born in: Drascir
Nation: Ascalon
Profession: Warrior
Age: 61
Descended from the great King Doric, King Adelbern is well-liked by the citizens of Ascalon. His easy demeanor and battlefield heroics secured his spot as one of the most popular kings in the history of the walled nation.

In his younger days, Adelbern was the champion of his guild, Ascalon's Chosen. Tales of his feats during the Guild Wars are told and retold today—the enemies he fought growing larger and fiercer as the stories are passed from one mouth to the next.

He's older now, and though he's a well-liked king, his insistence that the army can hold back the beasts from the north has started the people whispering to each other in the streets. Not everyone agrees with the king on this matter. Making matters worse, Prince Rurik, the king's eldest son and heir to the throne, is among those who criticize Adelbern's policies. And though he is close to his son, the king and the prince often do not see eye to eye.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts

King Adelbern (born either 1010 or 1011 AE) was once a great war hero of Ascalon. Because of his actions during the Guild Wars, he was crowned king by the people's demand despite not being next in line for the royal crown. Because of this, royalists have formed in attempt to dethrone Adelbern.

As king of Ascalon, Adelbern wields the ancient Orrian sword Magdaer.




Quests involved in:


During Helping the People of Ascalon[edit]

During The Last Day Dawns (Hard mode)[edit]


During Last Day Dawns:

"As long as I have breath in my body, Ascalon will prevail!"

In Droknar's Forge (explorable area):

"Maybe now that you are finished with this nonsense, you can come back to Ascalon and help deal with the filthy Charr infestation."


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Bug Bug.There are two "King Adelbern" NPCs in pre-Searing's Ascalon City, one by the Ascalonian Scribe and one by the lake.

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