The Last Day Dawns (Hard mode)

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The Last Day Dawns
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Vision of Glint
in Droknar's Forge
Preceded by Defend Droknar's Forge (Hard mode)
Followed by The Titan Source (Hard mode)
Type Secondary quest
The Last Day Dawns map.jpg
Map Key:
Yellow circle is the distance that triggers Adelbern to spawn.
Blue dot is where Adelbern will run to when spawned.
Red arc is the distance that triggers Adelbern to head to the blue dot.
Pink dots are where the Armageddon groups begin.

Help King Adelbern defend Ascalon from the titans.

Quest information[edit]




Ideally, come from the south, keeping east of Adelbern's trigger circle. Kill the eastern-most group first. Work your way counter-clockwise for groups 2 and 3. For the last of the northern groups, use only one hero to pull them closer to you by carefully flagging the hero, while keeping the rest of your party back with you. As soon as the hero gets attacked, pull them back to you. If the hero should die, use another hero to ressurect them. Finally, backtrack towards the 5th and last group to the crossroad. Careful pulling should also be used for enemies between you and the last group.


  • If possible, bring cold damage as it deals better damage against the Titans.
  • It is possible to kill three of the five Armageddon Lord groups before King Adelbern spawns by coming from the south and attacking the easternmost groups first. Using heroes for pulling, all five groups can be killed.
  • A Soul Twisting Ritualist with protective spirits or a Protection Prayers Monk are necessary because of the Armageddon Lords' high damage output.
    • Buffs that mitigate elemental or fire damage, such as Ward Against Harm and Mantra of Flame, are recommended.
    • Avoid melee distance with Armageddon Lords if possible. If not, be sure to bring good defense against elemental or fire damage.
  • Avoid using builds that rely on long recharging enchantments.
  • Adelbern is great at soaking up damage, so using him to tank can be helpful.
  • Rebel Yell helps with fighting the Charr in this quest.






Titans (arranged in spawning pattern order)


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