The Last Day Dawns

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see The Last Day Dawns (Hard mode).
Disambig icon.png This article is about the quest. For the cinematic, see The Last Day Dawns (cinematic).
The Last Day Dawns
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Vision of Glint
in Droknar's Forge
Preceded by Defend Droknar's Forge
Followed by The Titan Source
Type Secondary quest
The Last Day Dawns map.jpg
Map Key:
Yellow circle is the distance that triggers Adelbern to spawn.
Blue dot is where Adelbern will run to when spawned.
Red arc is the distance that triggers Adelbern to head to the blue dot.
Pink dots are where the Armageddon groups begin.

Help King Adelbern defend Ascalon from the Titans.

Quest information[edit]




Because of the high level charr and low level henchmen, it is best to either go with other players or with heroes. Also, due to the small party size, the party must be well balanced.

The quest itself is straightforward. Walk out the gate and a short distance (through a few Charr groups) to find King Adelbern, one Adelbern's Priest and two Adelbern's Guards rushing towards a group of Charr. They are low level Charr and no threat, but after the elimination of that group the Armageddon Lords will start to arrive, one at a time. Each one will be accompanied with some regular Charr and some Charr lords. The groups increase in difficulty; at first there will be only one Charr lord, then two, then two including a healer and then three Charr lords. The final group will have two Armageddon Lords together.

In general, you need to watch the composition of the incoming enemies. If there are any Spark of the Titans, take them down as fast as you can; they have the potential to deal a large amount of damage to the party. Next on the list are the Charr Lord casters — Charr Shaman Lord, Charr Flame Lord, Charr Mind Lord, and Charr Ashen Lord. Turn your attention to any Charr Axe Lords and Charr Stalker Lords before tackling the Armageddon Lord. You can pretty much ignore the regular level 8 or 9 Charr, as they usually die to any AoE damage when you're attacking the Charr Lords.

Always attempt to intercept the incoming groups well ahead of King Adelbern and always protect Adelbern's Priest. Losing the priest ally will most assuredly put too much pressure on the single monk in the party.


  • If possible, bring cold damage. Cold damage deals heavy damage against the Titans.
    • Bringing Winter is a better alternative as Adelbern and his guards use Fiery Dragon Swords.
    • Likewise, Area of Effect skills, especially Maelstrom for its interrupting ability, and traps are helpful as the groups are often close together and come from the same direction.
  • Both Ward Against Harm and Mantra of Flame are helpful in reducing damage.
  • Try to keep the NPCs alive as long as possible, as they greatly help.
  • Morale Boosts and Holy Blessing can be acquired from the statue of Lyssa west of Adelbern's group.
    • If you fail this quest, your entire party, no matter its size, will be sent to Frontier Gate intact as long as you did not bring henchmen that are not available in said outpost.
  • Rebel Yell helps with the Charr encountered during this quest.
  • It is possible to kill three of the Armageddon Lord groups without spawning King Adelbern's group by approaching the Titans from the south on the eastern side.
    • By flagging heroes, it is possible to kill all five Armageddon Lord groups without spawning King Adelbern's group. See the talk page for a map.
  • Because the Armageddon Lords are melee casters, it is advisable to bring a tank with good fire or elemental protection.
  • If you do not have any heroes and cannot find players to help you, it is possible to leave in hard mode so that you have level 20 henchmen and, except for the low level Charr, the enemies are not boosted very much.
  • Running from Yak's Bend for a party of 6, or from Temple of the Ages for a party of 8 is possible.






Titans (arranged in spawning pattern order)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Vision of Glint
"Though many followed Prince Rurik in his quest to secure a better future for the people of Ascalon, there are those who remained behind. Despite the Charr threat, they could not bring themselves to leave the soil on which they had been born. Now, they are in grave danger. Ascalon's great walls and soldiers have withered in Rurik's absence. An old king dons his armor, heavy with time, to fight a battle he cannot win. It is his will alone that keeps Ascalon alive. Now it is up to you to make sure he too stays alive. Hurry to the Frontier Gate!"
Yes Accept: "Dwayna protect him! Balthazar grant him strength and courage! We are on our way!"
No Decline: "Adlebern [sic] is not my king…"
Ask Ask: "Travel to Frontier Gate and speak with Warmaster Riga."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Warmaster Riga
"Thank the gods you've come! King Adelbern is in desperate need of aid, and though I'd give my sword arm to fight beside him now, I am sworn to stay here and protect our citizens. The king has managed to push back those demon creatures from the Wall, but now he and a handful of soldiers are surrounded.
The king's valor may have earned him a blessing from Balthazar in his youth, but he is no longer a young man. Lend a hand to our brave old king and save our people!"
King Adelbern: "Ascalons will never bow to beasts such as these!"
Adelbern's Priest: "With Adelbern at our side, we will beat down these foul beasts!"
King Adelbern: "We will conquer! We will send these demons back to the hell from which they came!"
Adelbern's Guard: "I did not survive the Charr invasion only to be slain by these demons!"
Adelbern's Priest: "For Ascalon and Adelbern!"
King Adelbern: "As long as I have breath in my body, Ascalon will prevail!"
King Adelbern: "We have seen worse times than this and triumphed!"
King Adelbern
"A long time have I fought for Ascalon. First as a soldier blessed by Balthazar, now as its king. Though I have survived one more battle, and I will see another day, it will not make me any more wise… only one day older. I have lost all that a man can lose. All that I have left is this antiquated set of armor and the remains of this tattered kingdom. I thank you for your help today. Rurik would have been very proud of all you have accomplished."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Vision of Glint
"Adlebern [sic] is safe."


  • Each group after the first starts to approach once all the original members of the previous group are killed, regardless of whether or not Risen Ashen Hulks, Fists of the Titans or Hands of the Titans are still alive.
  • If you kill all the titan groups (which will be updated if you kill the last Armageddon Lord) and King Adelbern dies, you will be sent back to Frontier Gate, but you'll only have to reach Adelbern again and speak with him, then you will be able to take the reward at Glint's Vision.
  • Even if one person hasn't talked to Warmaster Riga yet, as long as someone in your party did so, everyone who has the quest in his log can complete it.
  • If you approach the king from the north or west, he will run to the blue dot as soon as he spawns.
Bug Bug.With this quest, a Charr lord or two might spawn inside one of the cliffs. Such a spawn obstructs weapons, but can still be killed with ranged skills.