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Disambig icon.png This article is about running in PvE. For running in PvP, see Flag running. For system requirements, see Running the game.

Running in PvE allows players to save considerable time through the avoidance of combat, by running past foes.

It can refer to two activities:

  1. Outpost running — Unlocking outposts so that characters can avoid required quests or fighting their way.
  2. Completion running — Completing missions and/or quests.

Typically, runners ask clients to pay for these services near the end of the run, since that makes it less likely for either party to scam the other.

Guides for general running[edit]

Main article: Guide to running
  • Take the path that gets to the destination in the shortest possible time.
  • Consider rearranging your UI to put the compass, skillbars and weapon sets near to each other for convenience.
  • Unless in possession of knowledge of spawns and AI behaviors, avoid aggroing foes that could be otherwise avoided.
  • Use skills to provide yourself with the fastest possible movement speed (typically Dwarven Stability and Dash)
  • If an area contains spell based foes (especially with snares), bring spell targeting prevention (such as Shadow Form).
  • If an area contains knockdowns or cripple, bring "I Am Unstoppable!".
  • Consider use of blocks to avoid damage from projectile and melee attacks, possibly in the form of Natural Stride.
  • Use shadowsteps such as Death's Charge, Heart of Shadow and Ebon Escape to quickly navigate obstacles such as cliffs, walls and bodyblock.

Similar terms[edit]

  • A ferry is when one player includes others in their party to complete a quest that grants access to a new area, typically because it cannot be reached by physically running from one area to another.
  • A run can also refer to a single trip through an area, quest, or mission, e.g. "I need to do another farming run" or "let's run that mission together" or "We should chest run the Underworld for rare-skinned weapons".
  • Players also run particular builds, e.g. "are you going to run a Minion Master build?"


  • If you want to learn how to run, you can let your character die and click on the runner's name in the Party List to observe the route, skills required and methods. However, ask your runner first - if you are required to make payment before completion you won't be able to while dead!
  • Survivor progress is at risk during certain runs; Survivor candidates should discuss this with the runner before leaving an outpost. At the least, the candidate should be ready to map out to avoid death.

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