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This page provides an overview of some common running routes.


All outposts in the Prophecies campaign are accessible by running except:

Ascalon to Lion's Arch

Crystal Desert outposts can only be ran to after completing the Sanctum Cay mission.

Pre-Searing Ascalon outposts can be ran to but it only applies to other players in Pre-Searing Ascalon.

Kryta & Ascalon runs[edit]

  • Ascalon CityLion's Arch
    • Westbound: If running to Lion's Arch, this allows Prophecies characters to quickly and easily travel to other campaigns.
    • Eastbound: If running to Ascalon City, this allows non-Prophecies characters to get into Ascalon for cartography and mission purposes.

Maguuma Jungle tour[edit]

Temple of the Ages to Henge of Denravi

Crystal Desert tour[edit]

Shiverpeaks tour[edit]

Droknar's Forge to Marhan's Grotto


Factions has the fewest areas that can be reached via running alone; many of the zones are only unlocked via a mission or primary quest.

Kaineng City tour[edit]

  • Allows characters to continue the campaign from the Boreas Seabed mission.

Jade Sea tour[edit]

Echovald Forest tour[edit]


Sunspear Sanctuary to Moddok Crevice

Most of the outposts on Istan require quest completion to access with the exception of non-Nightfall characters, but some outposts such as Sunspear Great Hall and Champion's Dawn do not have any prerequisites to enter. You can run to almost every outpost on mainland Elona, except for the Sunspear Sanctuary and The Mouth of Torment.

Vabbi tour[edit]

Eye of the North[edit]

You can run to every outpost except for the Central Transfer Chamber; you can reach that outpost earlier than the storyline permits by joining a group during the primary quest, Destruction's Depths.