Tomb of the Primeval Kings

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Tomb of the Primeval Kings
Tomb of the Primeval Kings.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Crystal Desert
Type Outpost
Party size 8
Exit(s) The Dragon's Lair
The Underworld (explorable area)
The Tomb corrupted by Abaddon.
The Tomb during Wintersday 2005.
Tomb Of The Primeval Kings Wintersday.jpg
The Tomb during Wintersday 2006.
Tombs in Halloween 2007.jpg
The Tomb during Halloween 2007.
Tomb of the Primeval Kings Halloween 2008a.jpg
Moon viewed during Halloween.

Legends remain of noble spirits who stand watch over the tombs. If there is a passage between the mortal world and the Underworld, surely such spirits would know how to find it.

— in-game description

The Tomb of the Primeval Kings is where ancient Elonian kings are buried, along with some famous heroes such as Lord Victo. This is where players form parties to fight against the forces of chaos in the explorable areas the Underworld, Scarred Earth, The Courtyard, and The Hall of Heroes.


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The Primeval Kings of Elona were buried here from 229 DR until 652 DR, when the Scarab Plague decimated the population of Istan and wiped out the Royal House of the Primeval Dynasty. 400 years later, Lord Odran opened a portal from here to the Rift. After he died, the portal could be accessed by anyone, and mortals would travel regularly into the Mists to battle each other for the Favor of the Gods.

This arrangement lasted for 200 years, until, just after the Wintersday celebrations in 1272 DR, the forces of Dhuum and Abaddon interrupted the tournament. They defeated the spirits of Warmarshal Turai, Lord Victo, and the Primeval monarchs, and began to slip through Odran's portal into the mortal world. By this point they had attracted the attention of both the Zaishen Order and the Order of the Sunspears, organizations that now fight back the darkness.

As compensation for the destroyed tournament grounds, the Zaishen have offered access to their home on the Battle Isles for all the stranded fighters. On these isles, another portal opened by Odran in Heroes' Ascent lies ready for use.

Getting there[edit]

Run through the portal in The Dragon's Lair mission outpost.






  • The Tomb of the Primeval Kings outpost used to be the outpost from which players could access the PvP arena that is now known as Heroes' Ascent.
  • The January 13, 2006 and January 19, 2006 updates slowly progressed the corruption of the Tomb.
  • The Halloween decorations for the Tomb was created before the corruption, thus during Halloween the Tomb more closely resembles the original design.

See also[edit]

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