Commander Kuro

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Commander Kuro
Canthan guard m.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Prophecies

Commander Kuro describes what can be found within The Hall of Heroes, after passing through The Underworld, the Scarred Earth, and The Courtyard.



"I am glad you are here <character name>. It would seem that General Yurukaro's fears have been realized...there can be no doubt that this entrance to the Hall of Heroes has been corrupted. Deep beneath the Tomb of the Primeval Kings an ancient evil stirs within the darkness. We know not who this enemy is, but its vile taint is already apparent. Its servants wait on the other side, ready to devour any who attempt to enter. We do not know our enemy's motives...we know only the enemy must be stopped before more darkness seeps into the world; before other gateways to the Hall of Heroes become infected with this chaos. We ask you join us, <character name>, as we cross this corrupted threshold. Together, our combined might may be enough to drive these vile creatures back to the depths from whence they come!"


"This gateway to Hall of Heroes is no longer safe. If you would enter the Tomb, please take an acolyte of Zaishen with you!"

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