General Yurukaro

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General Yurukaro
Canthan guard captain f.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaigns Core

General Yurukaro is a highranking officer of the Zaishen Order, and at one point, emissary to the Sunspears.



Zaishen Elite (outpost)
"What are you...? Bah! It does not matter, for this meeting has only two possible outcomes. You have entered the Zaishen training grounds, where only the elite of the Zaishen order are allowed. Therefore, you must fight...or you must leave. Be warned! We will make every effort to destroy you should you draw your weapon. So what will it be, stranger?"
Sun Docks
"The Zaishen have trained and defended this world for eons. I fear this may be our darkest hour."
"Push these wretched demons back! The Zaishen fear nothing!"