Befriending the Luxons

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Befriending the Luxons
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Elder Rhea
in Cavalon
(The Jade Sea)
Preceded by Journey to Cavalon
Followed by Stolen Eggs
Type Primary quest

Elder Rhea will not consider you a friend of the Luxons until you prove your worth by doing tasks for the Luxons.

Quest information[edit]



  • 10,000 Experience
  • 700 Gold
  • Your Luxon faction cap limit is increased by 10,000 points
    • This increase is only applied once per account. To receive this reward, you must either complete the quest (if none of your characters has done so), or log in with a character in your account that has done the quest.


Simply acquire 10,000 Luxon faction in any way. Remember that this must be unspent faction. Luxon faction can be obtained from Alliance Battles, competitive missions (such as The Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood), some quests in the Jade Sea, and killing enemies while under Blessing of the Luxons. If your guild is allied with the Kurzicks, you can still participate in Alliance Battles since you can convert the Imperial faction to Luxon faction via Hei Tsu. Some quests that reward Luxon faction are repeatable.

The mission Boreas Seabed now gives 1000 faction per level of completion for a total of 3000 faction that can be earned fairly quickly with just Heroes and/or Henchmen.

If you have access to Hard mode, then vanquishing an area is your best option - you gain more faction per kill from the Blessing of the Luxons - and vanquishing an entire zone will reward an additional faction bonus. The most efficient vanquish is in Mount Qinkai, which should take less than 25 minutes for about 10k faction.

The table below provides a summary of quests in and around Cavalon that can be performed to obtain the required faction points. Note that even if you complete every quest you will not generate enough faction (except if you repeat the repeatable quests) - so you would have to take the Blessing of the Luxons so that you can gain some Luxon faction while killing foes.

Quest Faction Experience Gold Type Given by Location
Journey to Cavalon 250 4000 0 - Jamei Maatu Keep
Charting the Jade Sea 500 5000 200 - Sekai the Mapmaker Maatu Keep
The Halcyon Job 1000 5000 350 - Captain Lexis Cavalon
Protect the Halcyon 750 3000 250 - Captain Lexis Cavalon
Night Raiders 750 3000 250 - Captain Juno Cavalon
Attack the Kurzicks! 750 3000 250 - Captain Juno Cavalon
Challenge of Strength 750 3000 250 - Captain Elora Cavalon
In the Army (Luxon) 400 2000 150 Repeatable quest Recruiter Lysandra Maishang Hills
Scouting Maishang Hills 400 2000 150 Repeatable quest Scoutmaster Theron Maishang Hills
More Cowbell 750 3000 250 - Eurus Breaker Hollow
Luxon Supply Lines 400 2000 150 Repeatable quest Supplymaster Keleos Archipelagos
The Jade Arena 400 2000 150 Repeatable quest Arena Master Portus Archipelagos
Scout the Coast 400 2000 150 Repeatable quest Scoutmaster Aerios Mount Qinkai
Return of the Yeti 1000 3000 250 - Magistrate Kin Mount Qinkai
Total 8500 42000 2800


Initial dialogue[edit]

Elder Rhea
"If you wish to prove yourself an ally, you must earn faction by undertaking tasks on behalf of the Luxons. There is a rumor that certain unscrupulous individuals will even sell faction for gold! Accumulate 10,000 unspent faction points and I will sponsor you as a friend to the Luxons. Do you possess the strength to do this?"
Yes Accept: "I'll prove myself a friend to the Luxons."
No Decline: "I don't need friends that badly."
Ask Ask: "I cannot sponsor you until you have accumulated 10,000 unspent Luxon faction points."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Elder Rhea
"I am proud to count you as a friend to the Luxons. You can rely on our help in the coming fight."


  • You don't lose the 10,000 faction after accepting the reward.
  • Since faction points are shared among characters of the same account it may be worth considering to do this quest with more than one character simultaneously, so that those characters benefit from the collected Faction.