The Jade Arena

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The Jade Arena
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Arena Master Portus
in Archipelagos
(The Jade Sea)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
The Jade Arena map.jpg
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Entertain the Luxon Arena Fans by combating with convicted criminals in the Jade Arena.

Quest information[edit]


  • Enter the arena and defeat all of the other combatants.
  • See Arena Master Portus for your reward.



Starting from Breaker Hollow, walk south along the west wall onto a small hill and locate Arena Master Portus (point P on the map). There is usually a wandering group near the small hill consisting of one to two Creeping Carps, an Irukandji, and Scuttle Fish as well as a group of three to four Oni that will spawn at the top of the small hill just before meeting with Portus.

Known teams[edit]




Humans (Luxons)



Initial dialogue[edit]

Arena Master Portus
"Inside this arena, I have gathered together a team of convicted criminals, who will face you in combat. To heighten the challenge and provide greater entertainment for those who've come to watch the battle, I will also let loose upon you some of the fierce creatures I have captured from across the Jade Sea. Are you a coward, or will you enter the arena and face this challenge?"
Yes Accept: "Let the battle commence!"
No Decline: "I'm a coward."
Ask Ask: "Many have traveled a great distance to watch this battle. Don't let them down. Get in the arena and defeat those I've set against you."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Arena Master Portus: "Greetings Luxons. Many of you have traveled great distances to be here today, and you shall not go away disappointed. That I promise you!"
Arena Master Portus: :"For today, I have the great pleasure of bringing you a battle featuring the mighty champions who claimed victory at the Convocation!"
Arena Master Portus: :"They shall face a team of criminals who were convicted to battle in the arena for crimes too unspeakable and unsavory to mention aloud."
Arena Master Portus: :"For your entertainment, some of the creatures I have captured from across the vast expanses of the sea might also make a special appearance in the arena today!"
Arena Master Portus: :"I know you are all eager for the show, so without further talk... Let the battle begin!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Arena Master Portus
"Did you hear the roar of that crowd? They loved you out there! This battle was great for business. Any time you want to come back and sharpen your skills in the arena, let me know. I'll give you top billing."


  • The professions of the criminals can be identified by their appearance.
  • The combatants turn hostile when they enter your aggro circle or when Portus reaches them.
  • The Criminals carry resurrection signets. Bringing a skill such as Frozen Soil will help.
  • This quest can be used to farm Luxon faction, cash, and experience for Survivor.
    • It works better if the alliance's battles map favor Kurzicks.
  • This run can be completed in 3-4 minutes with a meta hero team.
    • An efficient team can complete the quest in under three minutes (including travel time). With the Blessing of the Luxons active, you can earn 140-160 points, in addition to the 400 point reward for completing the quest. This translates to roughly 11,000 points per hour.
    • The quest can be completed in 2 minutes if all party members cast Recall on a single runner starting from Jade Flats. Since the enemies along the route to the arena do not possess snares, this allows the runner to shave a minute of time.
Faction gain Per 3-min run Per hour
without blessing 400 8,000
normal mode w/blessing 550 11,000
hard mode w/blessing 700 14,000
Bug Bug.Sometimes the enemy party will not turn hostile at all or it may take a substantial amount of time.
Bug Bug.If you are killed and returned to the resurrection shrine, the enemies sometimes will not attack, using only healing skills. The monks will still attempt to heal their teammates.

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