Duel of the Houses

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Duel of the Houses
Section Echovald Forest Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Duel Master Vaughn
in Drazach Thicket
(Echovald Forest)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Duel of the Houses - Map
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Obtained from Duel Master Vaughn in Drazach Thicket outside the north exit of Brauer Academy.

Quest information[edit]


  • Travel to the dueling grounds.
  • Defeat the Kurzick House in an honorable duel.
  • See Duel Master Vaughn for your reward.



After obtaining the quest just outside of Brauer Academy(1), follow the path north. Duel Master Vaughn will make his own, albeit slow, way up to the dueling grounds but you can just head off on your own. There are two groups of Wardens that can drift into your path; either defeat them or wait until they're out of aggro range and make your way past. There are also a few, seemingly random, Oni spawn points, spawning either a lone or 3-strong group of Oni. It is best to hug the wall as you make your way to the dueling grounds so as not to aggro the Wardens and Oni simultaneously. You can also opt to take the blessing from the priest for 100 gold, completing the quest will yield 150 gold and all slain NPCs will gain you more faction points.

Once you reach the dueling grounds(2) continue to hug the wall round and plant Frozen Soil if you have it. Try not to place it too close to the opposing team as they will destroy it if they get too close. When you're ready approach the quest marker and everyone will turn hostile. Note that Duel Master Vaughn is completely irrelevant at this point. It is actually possible to complete the duel before he announces that the duel has started. Approach when you're ready.

The opposing team will be wandering around aimlessly until you approach. When you get close enough they will turn hostile and will bunch together. The team you face is determined randomly. You face either:

The first two, Brauer and Durheim, are somewhat similar to fight. They both deal a reasonable amount of damage and their elementalists cast Unsteady Ground which should be avoided. Being purely spell-casters they clump together rendering AoE spells such as Firestorm and Meteor Shower highly effective (making Cynn come in handy). Be careful if you're facing Count Durheim as his double damage (see notes) Defile Enchantments can be devastating, especially in concert with Unsteady Ground.

House Lutgardis isn't too problematic as you don't have to rely on your henchmen scattering effectively from AoE spells. The majority of the team bunch together so, again, AoE spells will come in handy. Due to rangers having inherently better armor against elemental damage it may be worth taking spells such as Spiteful Spirit and Reckless Haste as well. The team isn't as fragile as Brauer's and Durheim's so you may need to reapply Frozen Soil. Remember to do it a small distance away from the battle to prevent it being destroyed.

House Vasburg is composed chiefly of melee characters so spells such as Ward Against Melee could prove useful. The team clumps together around your team so if everyone remains still AoE spells can again prove effective. However, the AI for henchmen and heroes may cause them to run around your group, resulting in it being difficult to keep enemies in the AoE. Spells such as Spiteful Spirit are especially useful. This battle is likely to be slightly longer so, again, remember to replant Frozen Soil far enough away to stop it being attacked.

More generally, always target the Monk first (see Kurzick Duelist for a guide to identifying the profession of each duelist). An interrupter will make the duel easier as the Monks are very effective, carrying Word of Healing. It's also best to take out the team before the House leader as, being technically a separate party, they can't resurrect their 'team' mates.

If you are having trouble defeating one particular group you can use the alt key to ascertain which House you are facing as you run down the hill past the first set of Wardens. If it is not to your liking you can simply re-zone.

After the battle speak to Duel Master Vaughn to receive your reward. Then if you are farming faction simply map back to Brauer Academy and start again.


A team of three mesmers including Lord Brauer, three elementalists and two monks.
A team of four necromancers including Count Durheim, two elementalists and two monks. They have strong anti-melee skills and spiking capability.
A team of five rangers including Lord Lutgardis, two monks and one ritualist.
A melee-oriented team of three warriors including Baroness Vasburg, three assassins, and two monks.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Duel Master Vaughn
"Duels have long been a part of the Kurzick life, though these days they are used primarily as a method of training for battle against the Luxons. Today, one of our Kurzick Houses has come forth to challenge you that you both might be bettered prepared when the time comes to face the Luxons in combat. Do you accept the challenge they have set forth?"
Yes Accept: "For the noble purpose of defeating the Luxons, I accept their challenge."
No Decline: "I'm not ready for a duel of this magnitude."
Ask Ask: "It is dishonorable to back out of duel once you have accepted. Begin the duel with the Kurzick house immediately, or they will be declared the victors by default."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Duel Master Vaughn: "From the earliest days of Saint Viktor, our people have long held duels...for honor, for pride, for training, and to resolve conflicts between the five Houses."
Duel Master Vaughn: "This day, we relive our great tradition once more, in the noblest form of competition: the duel. Combatants, this duel shall be fought fairly and honorably. Non-compliance will dishonor the Houses of those involved."
Duel Master Vaughn: "We give thanks to the gods for their many blessings, and we ask Balthazar to give our combatants courage, strength, and honor."
Duel Master Vaughn: "Combatants, weapons at the ready! Pay your opponent your respects, and then, prepare for battle."
Duel Master Vaughn: "The duel now begins. Fight with honor for the name of your House and your people!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Duel Master Vaughn
"You have fought honorably today, and you should be proud of your victory. But do not forget that all of us have won today.... The combat experience you have all gained will help us triumph over those barbaric Luxons when the final battle is upon us."


  • Although they are not technically bosses, the attacks and skills of the teams leaders inflict double damage.
  • The team leaders are not part of the same party as the rest of the teams, so they can be pulled separately.
  • The professions of the duelists can be identified by their appearance.
  • The Duelists carry resurrection signets. Bringing a skill such as Frozen Soil will help.
  • This run can be completed in 2-3 minutes with a meta hero team.
Faction gain Per run Per hour
without blessing 400 12,000
normal mode w/blessing 440 13,200
hard mode w/blessing 480 14,400
Bug Bug.The duel won't start if you kill Lord Brauer too fast. The duel may start afterwards.
Bug Bug.Rarely, the enemy team won't spawn at all and the reward can immediately be collected.

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