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The mysterious and ancient Wardens guard the areas of Cantha hit hardest by Shiro’s legacy. Protectors of the Echovald that was, they now guard the petrified forest it has become. They may once have been human, perhaps powerful druids or holy men, but they long ago merged with the spirit they served to become something altogether different.

Now they stand as the ultimate protectors of the Echovald that is. The clan claims the right of vengeance for what Shiro Tagachi wrought, and blames all humans for the Jade Wind that stripped the woods and sea of life, but inexplicably left the Wardens unharmed. Driven nearly mad, enraged at their failure to fulfill their only purpose, they work in their own mysterious ways to reverse the effects of Shiro’s death, but until they succeed, they will threaten any humans they encounter.

Wardens do not take names as such, but take their monikers from their rank in the clan’s natural hierarchy. The lowest ranked, least powerful Wardens are associated with the smallest forms and shapes of nature—leaves, moss, seashells, and so on. Higher up are those Wardens who take their name from particular trees or larger forms of sea life, while those protectors that lead the clans take the names of the seasons.

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List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Concept art by Kekai Kotaki.
Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Factions
Echovald Forest Warrior 18 (25) Warden of the Trunk
Warrior 21 (26) Warden of the Tree
Warrior 24 (26) Warden of Forests
Ranger 19 (25) Warden of the Leaf1
Ranger 21 (26) Warden of the Branch
Ranger 24 (26) Warden of Winds
Mesmer 18 (25) Warden of the Mind
Mesmer 20 (26) Warden of the Spirit
Elementalist 24 (26) Warden of Earth
Ritualist 18 (25) Warden of the Spring
Ritualist 20 (26) Warden of the Summer
Ritualist 24 (26) Warden of Seasons
Warden Horn
Urgoz's Warren Warrior 28 (30) Maddened Forests Warden
Ranger 28 (30) Maddened Wind Warden
Monk 28 (30) Maddened Song Warden
Mesmer 28 (30) Maddened Mind Warden
Elementalist 28 (30) Maddened Earth Warden
Assassin 28 (30) Maddened Thorn Warden
Ritualist 28 (30) Maddened Spirit Warden
  1. Also found in Pongmei Valley.
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  • All Wardens seen in the game are males; females have never been seen.