Return of the Yeti

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Return of the Yeti
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Magistrate Kin
in Mount Qinkai
(The Jade Sea)
Type Secondary quest
Return of the Yeti map.jpg
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The Yeti in Mount Qinkai, led by Arrahhsh Mountainclub, have raided the village and stolen the Golden Lantern.

Quest information[edit]


  • Find and defeat Arrahhsh Mountainclub and retrieve the Golden Lantern.
  • See Magistrate Kin for your reward.



After accepting the quest head north from Magistrate Kin to a cave full of yeti. Arrahhsh Mountainclub is in a large group of yeti right next to the monk boss Hukhrah Earthslove. Eliminate Arrahhsh Mountainclub and retrieve the golden lantern to complete the quest.






Initial dialogue[edit]

Magistrate Kin
"The Yeti have begun to stage organized raids under a new leader named Arrahhsh Mountainclub. Just last night they attacked the village. Although we were able to drive them off, they stole the sacred golden lantern that has hung in the village temple for years. The lantern doesn't have any actual powers, but it does serve as a potent and lovely symbol of our ties to Cantha and the emperor. Without it, many people will begin to despair and lose hope. Please, <Player Name>, find Arrahhsh Mountainclub and retrieve the golden lantern!"
Yes Accept: "I will retrieve your lantern, magistrate."
No Decline: "Can't you just use candles?"
Ask Ask: "Please find Arrahhsh Mountainclub and recover the golden lantern. Despair can be as dangerous as a plague, you know!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Magistrate Kin
"Thank the gods you were able to find it! I will send word to Cantha and request additional guards to make certain this never happens again."