Scouting Maishang Hills

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Scouting Maishang Hills
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Scoutmaster Theron
in Maishang Hills
(The Jade Sea)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Scouting Maishang Hills map.jpg
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Scoutmaster Theron wants you to scout Maishang Hills for Kurzick Scouts who are trying to find weaknesses in the Luxon defenses.

Quest information[edit]


  • Search Maishang Hills for Kurzick scout groups and destroy them. 4...0 Kurzick scout groups remaining.
  • See Scoutmaster Theron for your reward.



Obtain the quest from Scoutmaster Theron just outside of Eredon Terrace. You will need to defeat four Kurzick scout groups. There are seven possible locations where these groups will appear (marked with an "X" on the quest map). Follow the quest marker to each location in the Maishang Hills. A Kurzick Scout and a random group of Kurzicks will spawn at each location. Only killing the Kurzick Scout is necessary to update the quest log, so pulling and killing the Kurzick Scout and not killing the rest of the group can save time.

After defeating the Kurzicks at each of the four locations, return to Scoutmaster Theron to collect your reward. Remember that you should not map travel to Eredon Terrace before collecting your reward, since leaving Maishang Hills area will automatically abandon this quest.

This is a repeatable quest but note that the specific locations you need to visit may differ each time you perform the quest.



Humans (Kurzicks)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Scoutmaster Theron
"Recently, there has been an increase in reported sightings of Kurzick scouts in Maishang Hills, and it is my belief that they are searching for weak points in our defenses. It's imperative that we find them before they reach their lands and share their findings. I need you to search Maishang Hills for the Kurzick scouts and send them to meet their gods face-to-face."
Yes Accept: "I'm your scout."
No Decline: "Scout them yourself, Luxon."
Ask Ask: "We will not suffer the lands of our ancestors to be defiled by the presence of those Kurzick scouts! Search the rest of Maishang Hills for them...and show them no mercy!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Scoutmaster Theron
"When their scouts fail to return, the Kurzicks will no doubt realize that we are responsible. They will hear our message: Kurzicks have no place here!"