Captain Juno

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Captain Juno
Captain Juno.jpg
Affiliation Luxons
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Factions

Captain Juno is the leader of the Luxon Turtle Clan. She is the eldest daughter of Kivros, the previous Turtle Clan champion. When Juno was fourteen, she had an argument with Kivros during the Convocation. The next day, a large hunting party consisting of the two, Argo, and many others set out, and only Juno and Argos returned alive. The two paired together to overthrow the previous Turtle Clan captain, where Juno has led since.[1]

Later in life, Juno had a daughter, Xandra. During a time of trouble, Juno sent Xandra to Ascalon, officially as an ambassadorial tenure but many Luxons viewed it as exile.[2] In the north, Xandra encountered Tanto the Grim, who accused Juno of killing Kivros and that Xandra is fated to kill Juno.[3]



Quests given:


"The Tortoise Clan is by far the strongest of all the Luxons clans. It is good to see you on our side."
If you have Zho's Journal in your intervory
"Why, yes! Zho is a dear friend of mine. I gave her an incubator years ago. A crafter of my clan, Katharine, made one especially for me. She's quite skilled! If you want one, you should talk to her in our clan's hatchery. Her services are in high demand, though, so it won't be cheap."