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Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Magni the Bison
in Gunnar's Hold
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Required hero Xandra
Preceded by The Norn Fighting Tournament (must defeat Xandra)
Type Secondary quest
Haunted map.jpg
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Take Xandra to Varajar Fells to investigate the angry spirits.

Quest information[edit]


  • Required Hero: Xandra


  • Investigate the spirit sighting areas. You have 3..0 areas left to explore.
  • Exorcise the spirit of Tanto the Grim.
  • See Magni the Bison for your reward.



Exit Olafstead and follow the first quest marker, located on a small island to the northwest. As the party approaches, Xandra's dialogue will begin and Tanto the Grim will appear with a mob of Regrets. You will have the environmental effect Haunted Ground on you and your party. Be wary of the Ice Imps that populate the island—consider pulling them away from the marker so you do not have to fight both groups at once.

After defeating the Regrets, travel east to the next quest marker. Tanto will appear again, this time with a mob of Sorrows accompanying him. Once the Sorrows are killed, the quest marker will update.

Tanto waits at the final marker. Approach him carefully—several Shock Phantoms are hidden in the area. After a short dialogue, Tanto will turn hostile and several Anguishes will spawn.

Killing Tanto and all the Anguishes will complete the quest.

Tanto actually spawns the moment the party enters Varajar Fells, and does not respond until they have reached the appropriate quest trigger. Consider clearing spawn points 2 and 3 before investigating the first quest marker to avoid being overwhelmed by more than one mob at a time.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Magni the Bison

"Is that Xandra with you? I've been meaning to have a word with her. Spirits have become restless of late, attacking the people. These are not the animal spirits that the Norn know, but something...different. Human spirits, filled with rage.
The worst attacks occurred in Varajar Fells, and I simply have no time to run around hunting ghosts. I have a tournament to run!"
Yes Accept: "You might say I could use some...exorcise."
No Decline: "I bust heads, not ghosts."
Ask Ask: "Death lasts forever. My patience does not. Rid Varajar Fells of malicious spirits!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Xandra: "I sense a soul filled with anger..."
Tanto the Grim: "You...it is you, with the heart that sings of regret...delicious regret..."
Tanto the Grim: "I can take the pain away, traveler. Your lost home and family...I will devour their memory. I require only your soul..."
Xandra: "Never have I seen a spirit with such malice. Stories speak of Ritualists so powerful that spirits are drawn to them, but this seems different. It seems to have an interest in me, specifically..."
Tanto the Grim: "Let me feel your sorrow. Let me strip you away until there is only pain, and emptiness. Endless pain...so sweet..."
Xandra: "What call is there for this? Why do you seek to harm innocents? Answer me, spirit!"
Tanto the Grim: "I wish only to kill you, child! I served Kivros, your grandfather. After his death, your mother Juno took everything from me. Everything except this pain that will not end, and an escape that will not come."
Tanto the Grim: "I would see her deprived of everything she held dear before she too joins me in this endless misery!"
Xandra: "My mother...? What do you know of my mother?"
Xandra: "Spirit! It is time that your bonds to this world were severed!"
Tanto the Grim: "Tainted blood runs thick, witch! You are doomed to share your ghastly mother's fate! You shall slay her as she killed Kivros!"
Xandra: "You may have been wronged, but we are more in life than the sum of our mistakes! Regrets belong to the living. Let me bear them. Ease your burden and move on."
Xandra: "It is not too late for you to change your path. There can be peace for you in the afterlife if you abandon your malice!"
Tanto the Grim: "Peace...peace..."
Xandra: "Yes! Peace for all of you. It is possible."
Tanto the Grim: "For what you did...there can be no peace. Only SUFFERING!"
Xandra: "Is this why Mother sent me away? To protect me from the vengeance of her enemies? Or to protect her from suffering the prophesies[sic] of the dead?"
Xandra: "Though Ritualists spend lifetimes communicating with spirits and the past, I understand now. I can not let that shape what is to come."
Xandra: "No matter that I am exiled. I dwell no more in the past. Looking to the future, I swear I will honor my family and my clan!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Magni the Bison
"Thank you for aiding Xandra. It is a shame that I did not get to vanquish the spirits myself. These "Ritualists" are like the Norn in some ways, in their connection to the spirits. I hope this fight has strengthened your nerves for combat in my arena!"


  • The required spawns for this quest will not appear if A Good Deed is active.
Bug Bug.Despite the description, you can fulfill this quest without Xandra in your party.