Attack the Kurzicks!

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Attack the Kurzicks!
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Captain Juno
in Cavalon
(The Jade Sea)
Type Secondary quest
General Kaimer Vasburg map.jpg
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Defeat the Kurzick assault on Gyala Hatchery.

Quest information[edit]


  • Make contact with Khim.
  • Destroy the forces marching on Gyala Hatchery. You have [9...0] group[s] remaining.
  • See Captain Juno for your reward.



Despite its name, this quest is really about defending the portal into Gyala Hatchery. All of the Kurzick attackers are heading toward the portal.

The first quest objective is to find Khim who is in the Maishang Hills, just outside of the Gyala Hatchery portal. He is so close to the portal that it might not be immediately obvious that you are not being directed back into the outpost. Provided you have access to it, Gyala Hatchery is the best starting location. Otherwise, Eredon Terrace is the next closest location.

Advancing the quest further requires speaking to Khim. Besides answering you, Khim runs off to the west. Your quest destination star is set at Khim's new location. Joining him there will start the waves of Kurzick attackers; however, do not remain at this spot. Move half the distance back toward the resurrection shrine. This will place you outside of immediate aggro range of incoming waves of attackers from either direction.

Each wave, alternately attacking from the west and northeast, usually consists of at least four foes with a monk or ritualist. Having defeated one group, run to the next group and kill them off. Keep doing this until you have defeated all nine groups of foes. One of the western groups will include two Kurzick Juggernauts and the final wave will have foes attacking from both sides along with General Kaimer Vasburg.

After all the Kurzicks are defeated return to Cavalon to obtain your reward.



Humans (Luxons)


Humans (Kurzicks)

Plants (Kurzicks)


Humans (Kurzick)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Captain Juno
"It seems the Kurzicks have taken a break from writing horrible ballads and tree hugging and decided to actually confront us. A small force has been detected marching toward Gyala Hatchery. Will you fight?"
Yes Accept: "I'm always up for a brawl."
No Decline: "Who can fight when there are songs to be written and trees to be hugged? Go on without me."
Ask Ask: "You must strike quickly. We all will suffer if the Kurzicks take the Gyala Hatchery."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"It seems our Kurzick friends, and by friends I mean enemies, have sent extra troops our way. We're the only line of defense between them and the hatchery.
It's days like this that I question why I'm guarding giant turtles...."
Hannai: "This should be interesting."
Khim: "Quiet, they might hear you! Get ready..."
Khim: "Ready as always."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Captain Juno
"That was the first of many attacks, but you helped us get through it. You have my gratitude."


  • Despite the arrows pointing away, it is best to stay by the shrine as Kurzicks will come from both sides.
  • You may wish to accept this quest but not complete it so that it is active in your quest log while you perform the quest Stolen Eggs. This will prevent the final boss Stsou Swiftscale from spawning making the run to your destination a bit easier.
Bug Bug.Even if you already completed this quest, when you re-enter Maishang Hills without accepting the reward, the quest log resets and you will have to complete it again.