The Halcyon Job

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The Halcyon Job
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Captain Lexis
in Cavalon
(The Jade Sea)
Preceded by Sunjiang District
Followed by Protect the Halcyon
Type Secondary quest
The Halcyon Job map.jpg
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Aid in the removal and replacement of the 1,000 Daggers guild leader, Lord Senkai.

Quest information[edit]




Enter Boreas Seabed from Zos Shivros Channel. Go north after speaking to Rion. Most mobs can be avoided. There are popup Oni in a few places. Then head east over the bridge. On the way to Lord Senkai, you will encounter hostile level 10 Canthan Peasants and Canthan Nobles who will turn friendly when reached. Near them you will encounter level 20 Luxon Assassin popups. Head towards Lord Senkai and kill him. This will cause a wave of level 20 Kurzick and Luxon including War Captain Womack and multiple Monks. Killing War Captain Womack completes the quest.




Humans (Luxon)


Humans (Kurzick)

Humans (Luxon)


Humans (1,000 Daggers)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Captain Lexis
"With the threat of plague subsiding, it seems the Kurzicks have grown bolder. Bold enough to draw the Guild of 1,000 Daggers into our ongoing conflict. The 1,000 Daggers have not meddled in Luxon affairs for almost two hundred years, and it seems that they need a reminder as to why. They are Canthans, and do not value what we value. They prize but two things: gold and blood. Gold is in short supply, but blood is always available. If you are willing, I would have you aid in the removal and replacement of their guild leader, one Lord Senkai. While you are there, slay the Kurzick War Captain as well. Speak to Captain Rion of the Halcyon, who will take Senkai's place. He will fill you in on the rest."
Yes Accept: "You had me at "gold and blood."
No Decline: "Politics nauseate me. Forget it."
Ask Ask: "Speak to Captain Rion of the Halcyon. It is the large leviathan parked at the edge of town. You cannot miss it."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Captain Rion
"They call that violence? I'll show 'em violence. Khim! Show 'em the violence!"

Canthan Peasant or Canthan Noble (when you go near each of them)

"Please don't hurt us."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Captain Lexis
"So Senkai is out of the way? Excellent. You have earned the favor of Elora, as well as this."


  • Despite his unique name, War Captain Womack is not a boss; however, his death will give a morale boost.
  • Despite their ongoing conflict, the Luxon and Kurzick will not attack each other.
  • This quest can be used for farming Bo Staves, Dragon Staves, and many other rare items. Players may choose not to complete this quest in order to use it for farming instead.


  • Considering the names and dialogues of several NPCs involved in this quest, its name is very likely a reference to The Train Job, the second episode in the Firefly series.