Charting the Jade Sea

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Charting the Jade Sea
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Sekai the Mapmaker
in Maatu Keep
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Arborstone
Type Secondary quest
Charting the Jade Sea map.jpg
Mount Qinkai
Charting the Jade Sea map2.jpg
Boreas Seabed
Charting the Jade Sea map3.png
Charting the Jade Sea map4.jpg
Maishang Hills

Sekai the Mapmaker needs you to explore four areas in the Jade Sea so he can update his maps.

Quest information[edit]


  • Explore Mount Qinkai. You have [5...0] places left to visit.
  • Explore Boreas Seabed. You have [5...0] places left to visit.
  • Explore Archipelagos. You have [5...0] places left to visit.
  • Explore Maishang Hills. You have [5...0] places left to visit.
  • See Sekai the Mapmaker for your reward.



The order of the explorable areas you go through doesn't matter. Simply get to each green marker to complete the quest. For exact locations of the markers, see the maps to the right - the order of the locations does not matter. Each area is easiest to start from the following outposts:

Do not leave an area before finding all five marker locations, otherwise you will have to restart that explorable area.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Sekai the Mapmaker
"Your reputation with the Luxons is well known. Perhaps we can put that relationship to profitable use? Since the Jade Wind struck, no one has managed to craft new maps of the Jade Sea. There is money to be made, but I no longer have the energy to venture out on my own. Go scout the Jade Sea and report your findings. I shall reward you with just compensation"
Yes Accept: "Count me in."
No Decline: "Do your own research."
Ask Ask: "Please explore Breaker Hollow, Boreas Seabed, Archipelagos, and Maishang Hills for me. I would go myself, but I doubt these old bones of mine are up for the task."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Sekai the Mapmaker
"Thank you very much. This map will truly be a work of art."


  • You will encounter several bosses along the way. It may be wise to bring Signet of Capture with you.
  • Several quests that give Luxon faction for Befriending the Luxons are located in the areas you have to explore and may be done while you visit the five places.
  • One method to complete this quest is to vanquish all the listed areas, since a vanquish pretty much requires you to sweep the entire area.
    • Consider waiting until the Zaishen Vanquish Challenge quest of each corresponding area is available.

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