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Luxon faction is a representation of the efforts you have made in support of the Luxons, and by extent your reputation with the Luxon Armada. Your current amount of Luxon faction can be seen on the faction tab of the Hero panel.


There are seven main ways to gain Luxon faction:

  1. Completing quests in the Jade Sea region of Cantha, where the Luxons live.
  2. Completing the Boreas Seabed, Gyala Hatchery, and Unwaking Waters missions the first time per character.
  3. Playing in the Luxon challenge missions (Zos Shivros Channel and The Aurios Mines).
  4. Killing foes in The Deep.
  5. Obtaining Blessing of the Luxons from a Luxon Priest outside of most cities or outposts controlled by Luxon, and then killing foes while in the explorable area the blessing was obtained. Price is 100Gold if you are Luxon, and 150Gold if you are Kurzick (50Gold for a bribe, 100Gold for the blessing; you also gain Luxon faction for the bribe), and the blessing will disappear if you change zones.
  6. Vanquishing explorable areas in the Jade Sea.
  7. Trading in Imperial faction.

The table below provides a summary of quests in and around Cavalon that can be performed to obtain faction points. The The Jade Arena is an especially short, and easy means for farming Luxon faction.

Quest Faction Experience Gold Type Given by Location
Challenge of Strength 750 3000 250 - Captain Elora Cavalon
The Halcyon Job 1000 5000 250 - Captain Lexis Cavalon
Protect the Halcyon 750 3000 250 - Captain Lexis Cavalon
Attack the Kurzicks! 750 3000 250 - Captain Juno Cavalon
Night Raiders 750 3000 250 - Captain Juno Cavalon
Luxon Supply Lines 400 2000 150 Repeatable quest Supplymaster Keleos Archipelagos
The Jade Arena 400 2000 150 Repeatable quest Arena Master Portus Archipelagos
Scouting Maishang Hills 400 2000 150 Repeatable quest Scoutmaster Theron Maishang Hills
Charting the Jade Sea 500 5000 200 - Sekai the Mapmaker Maatu Keep
Total 5700 28000 1900

Faction rewards[edit]

Luxon faction can be traded to a Luxon Scavenger for the following:

Method Faction spent Title points gained Notes
Donate faction points to your guild ("Raise Alliance reputation") 5,000 10,000 You must belong to a Luxon-allied guild. A character can create their own guild for this purpose.
Exchange faction points for Jadeite Shards 5,000 5,000
Exchange faction points for Passage Scrolls to the Deep 1,000 1,000
Exchange faction points for Luxon skills 3,000 6,000 Your character must be a level 20 roleplaying character that is a Luxon Supporter (rank 1)
Spending both faction types

Spending points for one faction causes an equal number of points to be deducted from both factions.

  • There is no way to simultaneously farm both titles.
  • Although sometimes you have little choice, it is always inefficient to simultaneously collect both types of faction.
  • Some players will collect 10,000 points in both types in order for a character to complete both Befriending the Kurzicks and Befriending the Luxons quickly.

Faction cap[edit]

The faction cap is initially 10,000, and can be raised as high as 70,000 by completing various achievements. A Luxon Scavenger will list the missing achievements when asked about "Raising Luxon Faction cap".

Achievement Faction cap increase
Complete Befriending the Luxons 10,000
Complete Unwaking Waters from the Luxon side 7,000
Defeat Kanaxai 10,000
Score 100 points in Zos Shivros Channel 1,000
Score 100 points in The Aurios Mines 1,000
Win a match for the Luxons in Fort Aspenwood 5,000
Win a match for the Luxons in Jade Quarry 5,000
Win an Alliance Battle for the Luxons 5,000
Achieve rank 1 in the Friend of the Luxons title track 5,000
Each additional rank in the Friend of the Luxons title track 1,000


To finish the Protector of Cantha title, one must do both:

  1. Get 10,000 Luxon faction to complete Befriending the Luxons to open the Gyala Hatchery mission
  2. Get 10,000 Kurzick faction to complete Befriending the Kurzicks to open the The Eternal Grove mission.

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