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Each character can earn account-based faction points. There are currently two types of faction points. The first is available to all campaigns, called Balthazar faction. The Kurzick and Luxon faction points are introduced in (and only available in) the Guild Wars Factions campaign.

Balthazar faction[edit]

The Priests of Balthazar found in every PvP outpost will allow you to exchange the Balthazar faction you have earned from participating in PvP battles to unlock runes, insignia, weapon upgrades, and skills for your account. A roleplaying character will not learn any skills which are unlocked using this method, these skills will be available for any PvP-only characters you create and any heroes you have; however, once unlocked these skills can be learned by roleplaying characters through the use of skill tomes.

These priests are usually found only in PvP areas. They can also be added to your guild hall.

Tolkano will reward players with a Zaishen Key in exchange for 5,000 Balthazar faction, as well as a Tournament Token for 1,000 Balthazar faction.

Kurzick/Luxon faction[edit]

Faction earned with either the Kurzicks or Luxons can either be exchanged in lots of 5,000 to raise the faction standing of your guild, or in lots of 5,000 for a rare crafting material, or in lots of 1,000 for a passage scroll. Kurzick faction can be exchanged for Amber Chunks or a Passage Scroll to Urgoz's Warren, and Luxon faction can be exchanged for Jadeite Shards or a Passage Scroll to the Deep at the Kurzick Bureaucrat and Luxon Scavenger respectively. You can also buy allegiance-linked PvE-only skills.

To progress past a certain point in the storyline of Guild Wars: Factions, you will need to have 10,000 faction with either the Kurzicks or Luxons. Because of this, it is recommended that you do not exchange your faction until after you complete that particular quest; otherwise, you will need to re-gather the 10,000 faction. (See primary quests Befriending the Kurzicks and/or Befriending the Luxons.)

Exchanging faction with one of these two groups will cause you to lose faction that you have earned with the other. For example, spending 10,000 Luxon faction for two Jadeite Shards will also cause you lose 10,000 Kurzick faction for helping out their enemies.

Faction reward NPCs for these two faction points can be found in the House zu Heltzer and Cavalon for the Luxons and Kurzicks respectively. Additionally, the Jade Quarry, Fort Aspenwood, the Alliance Battle outposts and your guild hall (with the right allegiance) will also have Faction Reward NPCs.

Imperial faction[edit]

Imperial faction cannot be spent directly, but can by converted into other types of faction by talking to Hei Tsu.


  • Your alliance's Kurzick or Luxon faction will decrease by 10% at midnight (UTC) each night; therefore some guilds require that you donate a certain amount of faction a day, commonly called "faction req".
    • To calculate the number of days required to increase your guild's/alliance's faction to a certain amount, you can use this formula: log0.91 11*DailyDonation - Goal/10*DailyDonation - Current. Note that "ten times your daily donation" > your goal > your current points.
    • To calculate the daily donations required to increase your guild's/alliance's faction to a certain amount in a certain number of days, you can use this formula instead: Goal - Current * 0.91days/11 - 10 * 0.91days