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Allegiance skills are special PvE-only skills available to characters on accounts with the Factions campaign.

  • They are linked to the allegiance rank title in the same way many skills are linked to character attributes. The higher your rank in a title, the better the effects of all the skills of that faction for all your characters.
  • They can be obtained in exchange for 3,000 Luxon faction points or Kurzick faction points per skill; they are available from Luxon Scavengers and Kurzick Bureaucrats in Guild Halls and some Factions outposts.
  • You must have at least rank 1 in the the corresponding title track, and you have to be level 20 to learn any skills of that faction.
  • Being PvE-only skills, allegiance skills cannot be equipped by heroes.
  • You can not equip both Luxon and Kurzick skills on the same skill bar at the same time.

Allegiance skills[edit]

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Anomaly Anomaly.When you try to equip both a Kurzick and a Luxon allegiance skill, the message informs you of having more than 3 PvE-only skills.
Anomaly Anomaly.When your character does not have a secondary profession, all allegiance skills appear in your [K] window, allowing you to equip up to 3 allegiance skills from any profession. However, skill templates of such bars cannot be loaded after saving and do not result in viable links if sent to the chat window.