Charting the Forests

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Charting the Forests
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Sekai the Mapmaker
in Maatu Keep
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Arborstone
Type Secondary quest
Charting the Forests Arborstone.jpg
Charting the Forests Ferndale.png
Charting the Forests Melandru's Hope.jpg
Melandru's Hope
Charting the Forests Drazach Thicket.jpg
Drazach Thicket

Sekai the Mapmaker needs you to explore four areas in the Echovald Forest so he can update his maps.

Quest information[edit]


  • Explore Arborstone for Sekai the Mapmaker. You have [5...0] places left to visit.
  • Explore Ferndale. You have [5...0] places left to visit.
  • Explore Melandru's Hope. You have [5...0] places left to visit.
  • Explore Drazach Thicket. You have [5...0] places left to visit.
  • See Sekai the Mapmaker for your reward.



The order of the explorable areas you go through doesn't matter. Simply get to each green marker to complete the quest. For exact locations of the markers, see the maps to the right - the order of the locations does not matter. Each area is easiest to start from the following outposts:

  • For Arborstone start from Altrumm Ruins.
  • For Ferndale start from House zu Heltzer.
  • For Melandru's Hope start from Lutgardis Conservatory.
    • In this area, there are several groups that have wide ranged patrol areas that overlap. Due to this, they can overwhelm unprepared/unobservant players. It is best to watch their patrol paths and engage them where they don't overlap.
  • For Drazach Thicket start from Brauer Academy northern exit.

Do not leave an area before finding all five marker locations, otherwise you will have to restart that explorable area.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Sekai the Mapmaker
"Word has it that you have explored the forests and met with the Kuzicks there. I have a proposition for you. Since the Jade Wind changed the landscape, no one has gone through and drafted new maps. One could make a fortune selling updated charts to willing adventurers! If you consider yourself up to the challenge, go scout Echovald Forest and give me the information I need for my maps. I shall make it worth your while."
"What do you say?"
Yes Accept: "I could use a tour of the area. I'll do it."
No Decline: "Not interested."
Ask Ask: "Please explore Arborstone, Ferndale, Melandru's Hope, and Drazach Thicket for me. I would go myself, but I doubt these old bones of mine are up for the task."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Sekai the Mapmaker
"Thank you very much. This information will make for a wonderful map."


  • Several quests that give Kurzick faction for Befriending the Kurzicks are located in the areas you have to explore and may be done while you visit the five places.
  • One method to complete this quest is to vanquish all the listed areas, since a vanquish pretty much requires you to sweep the entire area.
    • Consider waiting until the Zaishen Vanquish Challenge quest of each corresponding area is available.

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