Altrumm Ruins

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Disambig icon.png This is a mission entry. For information on the explorable area, see Altrumm Ruins (explorable area). For information on the outpost, see Altrumm Ruins (outpost).
Altrumm Ruins
Altrumm Ruins map.jpg
Campaign Factions
Region Echovald Forest
Type Challenge
Party size 8

Altrumm Ruins is a Kurzick challenge mission in the Echovald Forest. Thieves have broken into the amber mines and are pilfering the amber. Collect the amber before the thieves get to it and kill any that try to sneak off with it.

Mission information[edit]


Collect as much amber as possible before the timer runs out. Kill a boss to gain a time bonus.


Achievement Kurzick faction
Each kill 1
Each boss kill 10
Each set of Raw Amber Chunks retrieved 15
Each set of Refined Amber Chunks retrieved 15

Scoring in this mission rewards Kurzick faction, experience, and gold based on the formulas below. Values are rounded down. An additional bonus is given for achieving daily best, monthly best, or quarterly best.

Reward Amount Daily Best Monthly Best Quarterly Best
Kurzick faction (2000 * score) / (Monthly Best #1 score) +4000 +8000 +16000
Experience (1000 * score) / (Monthly Best #1 score)
Gold (500 * score) / (Monthly Best #1 score) +500 +1000 +2000


This mission has a 10 minute time limit, however, killing a boss adds 60 seconds to the timer. 30 seconds after the mission timer starts, Azukhan Stonewrath spawns in the north-west. After 1 minute, Froth Stonereap spawns in the north-east. After 1 minute 30 seconds, Ennsa Stoneweaver spawns in the southwest. After 2 minutes, Dorn Stonebreaker spawns in the southeast. Each boss respawns 5 minutes after being killed.

There are two types of amber to collect, both of which add 1 point to the total score when picked up. Raw Amber Chunks are dropped when an enemy is killed (bosses drop 4). Refined Amber Chunks randomly spawn on the ground.

Skill recommendations[edit]

Consider bringing speed stances or shouts to quickly move around. Also consider bringing AoE ( Area of Effect) and DoT (Damage over Time) characters to assist with the multiple enemies








Stone Guardian


  • Complete exploration of this area contributes approximately 0.4% to the Canthan Cartographer title.
  • Obtaining a score of 100 or above will increase your Kurzick faction cap once by 1000.

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