Vabbian armor

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Warrior Ranger Monk
Warrior Vabbian armor f.jpg Warrior Vabbian armor m.jpg Ranger Vabbian armor f.jpg Ranger Vabbian armor m.jpg Monk Vabbian armor f.jpg Monk Vabbian armor m.jpg
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist
Necromancer Vabbian armor f.jpg Necromancer Vabbian armor m.jpg Mesmer Vabbian armor f.jpg Mesmer Vabbian armor m.jpg Elementalist Vabbian armor f.jpg Elementalist Vabbian armor m.jpg
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Assassin Ritualist
Assassin Vabbian armor f.jpg Assassin Vabbian armor m.jpg Ritualist Vabbian armor f.jpg Ritualist Vabbian armor m.jpg
Female Male Female Male
Paragon Dervish
Paragon Vabbian armor f.jpg Paragon Vabbian armor m.jpg Dervish Vabbian armor f.jpg Dervish Vabbian armor m.jpg
Female Male Female Male

Hero armor[edit]

Goren Kahmu
Goren Vabbian armor.jpg Kahmu.jpg


  • Many versions of hero Primeval armor resemble the player versions of Vabbian armor.
  • A Vabbian set of armor is required for a point in the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator.
  • This armor set requires less gold than most prestige armor sets but makes up for it with expensive materials.

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