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Goren Vabbian armor.jpg
Affiliation Vabbians
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Service Hero
Level(s) 18..20
Campaign Nightfall

Goren is big. Goren is strong. Goren is really, really good at sprinting into battle. Unfortunately, Goren isn't exactly the sharpest blade in the armory. He understands everyday conversation, and he can carry out simple commands – particularly sentences with the words "hit" and "smash" in them – but the finer philosophical passages of the Flameseeker Prophecies will remain eternally outside his comprehension. Eager for work, Goren has found employment working as the bodyguard of Prince Bokka the Magnificent. Money and influence don't mean much to him, though. Loyalty does.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts




R indicates that Goren must be in the party

Quests given:

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See also: His armor gallery.



"The boss says to stand here and guard. I better not move or he'll get angry."

During Brains or Brawn and Goren's Stuff: Part 1:

"Wait, what? Oh! Hi! Did you need protection? Want me to hit something? Need a backrub? Whatever you want, boss. Prince Bokka said I was the best bodyguard to ever work for him. But I think he just said that because he wasn't dead. I mean, I guess that's good, right?

Dasha Vestibule mission:

"I hope Prince Bokka will be happy to see me."

Throne of Secrets:

"Ahai, hero! I want to be just like you!"


Storyline quotes

Quotes in the context of the Nightfall storyline:

"I think, after the end of the world, I'm going to ask Margrid to go out with me. Do you think she will say yes?"
"They attacked the temple of Lyssa? That's like eating a kitten... it's just plain wrong! No one should ever do that! Ever!"
"Butoh the Bold and I used to dice for chicken legs. I bet he was wishing he'd won more chicken legs and less demons."
"Ronjok needs us! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. What do we do?"
"Elona needs us! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. What do we do?"
"Evil, beware. We have wurms!"
"Here we go, hunting Elder wurms. And then, we have to eat them. This is the weirdest quest we've ever gone on."
"Palawa Joko. Why does that name sound familiar. Oh! Now I remember! Mom has a recipe for palawajinko soup! Wow...that's not the same thing at all."
"Like a great salmon, we must forge up the stream of evil and stop it before it spawns."
"Time to go to the Gate of Fear. They need us there."
"I swore I was going to beat Abaddon up. I'm going to make good on that promise."
"Evil's out there, making knitted scarves for the cold winter of Nightfall. And we've got to stop it before it snows Armageddon on us all."
"Are you ready? Our visit at the Gate of Madness may be the last chance we have to say goodbye to everyone, so make sure you remember. Like a holiday list. Check them off, one by one."
"Now we have to do it. Do what? Ah, there's the mystery. We have to do what we do when we do that thing that does the thing to save the world. Save the world, that's the thing. And we're here to do it 'till it's done."
"I gotta warn ya... I think that other guy's kind of slow."

Battle quotes

"Balthazar bless my weapon!"
"For justice! And truth! And… stuff!"
"Here we go again!"
"Hey! He actually hit me!"
"Hey, that's cheating!"
"Ow! Hey! That's not fair!"
"Ow! Ow! Ow!"
"These are fists of mass destruction you're facing, bub!"
"Villains! You face Goren!"
"Whoa-oh! Surprise move! Bonus round!"
"You think that hurt? Try this!"
"Your wave of evil crashes on the shores of Goren!"


  • A duplicate Goren will show up as a "Vabbian Warrior".
  • Goren's default weapon is a customized blue Barrel Hammer of Fortitude with 17-30 damage, an attribute requirement of 7 and +20 Health.
  • After the quest Goren's Stuff: Part 2, Goren became the "mommy" of Shiny, a baby dragon.
  • As with all heroes, this one has a tonic form.


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