Scorched Earth (Nightfall quest)

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Scorched Earth
Section Vabbi Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Prince Bokka the Magnificent
in Resplendent Makuun
Required hero Goren
Preceded by Grand Court of Sebelkeh [verification requested]
Followed by Valley of the Rifts
Type Secondary quest
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Go with Goren and investigate the cause of disturbances in Vehtendi Valley.

Quest information[edit]


Required Hero: Goren


  • Speak with Diji and find out what is happening in Vehtendi Valley.
  • Investigate the area around the disturbance and eliminate any hostiles.
  • Tell Diji the hostile creatures have been destroyed.
  • See Prince Bokka the Magnificent for your reward.



Start from Yahnur Market and follow the quest pointer to meet Diji standing nearby. After receiving Diji's confused report, investigate the nearby rift and eliminate the margonites around it. Be aware that the usual mobs for the area will also be present, so try not to aggro too much at once. Afterwards, return to Diji and speak with him before leaving the valley, otherwise the quest will not be completed.




Demons (Margonites)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Prince Bokka the Magnificent
"Goren, <character name>, what good timing! I've been getting complaint after complaint from a farmer in Vehtendi Valley. With all the craziness that's been happening lately, I can't take the time to check out every little complaint I get. Goren, you know the area best, you should go with <character name> and talk to Diji. Find out what his problem is and take care of it...any way you must."
Yes Accept: "Ah yes... farm aid. How can I ignore the plight of the Elonian farmer?"
No Decline: "Sorry, but I can't wait to get on the road again."
Ask Ask: "Why haven't you told that old farmer Diji in Vehtendi Valley to stop bothering me already?"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

(Upon approaching Diji)

Diji: "Who? What? Who? What do you want? Huh? Where? Who?"
Goren: "I am GOREN. This is <character name>. The prince sent us to see what the problem is out here."
Diji: "Oh! Right. Thought you might be from the revenuers. I hate revenuers. Eh? Yes. Well. I'm glad he sent help, but I don't know what you can do, whippersnapper. I've never seen anything like those things before. Right? Huh? Right."
Goren: "Things? That is, THINGS? WHAT THINGS?"
Diji: "You're going to shatter my aging eardrums. Yes. Things. I don't know what they are or where they came from. Just out taking care of my fields as usual, and then all of a sudden, the sky, it starts a-changing, like something blowing in the wind, making all kinds of strange noises. What?"
Diji: "The next thing I know, I hear this rumbling, and then these tentacle things start coming out of the ground! Then all those freaky looking critters started coming out of that thing in the center of it all! Right! Yes?"
Goren: "Hmm. So it's happenin in other places, too."
Diji: "Tentacles? Tentacles are popping up all over? What? What is going on? Who?"
Goren: "Varesh did something...something very BAD. I don't know what, but whatever SHE did ending up causing THIS."
Diji: "So what are you going to do about it, eh? What? Those things are destroying everything they see. It's only a matter of time before they come over here and destroy everything I see. Like me. When?"
Goren: "Well, one thing I'm good at is killing things. Where are they?"
Diji: "How? They're all over there. Do be careful! Eh?"

(After investigating the area)

"You got them? Why, thank you! What? I don't believe how crazy this place has gotten lately! I'm not one to go tossing my opinion around but I can't help but think you should go tell the prince about this. Eh? He has to do something to protect the rest of us should they return. Why? Yes."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Prince Bokka the Magnificent
"It seems Varesh played us all...for fools, that is. We need to find out what she did and how to stop it. I am getting reports that those tentacle things are showing up all over the place. How do we stop them? How, indeed, my friend. Let me think about how best to solve this problem. Return to me later, I'm sure I will require your services once more. Until then, brave adventurer."