Goren's Stuff: Part 2

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Goren's Stuff: Part 2
Section Vabbi Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Xunlai Agent Momo
in Honur Hill
Required hero Goren
Preceded by Abaddon's Gate
Type Secondary quest
Goren's Stuff Part 2 Mission Map.jpg
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Since the Xunlai agents won't store Goren's pet rock, help him find somewhere safe to hide it instead.

Quest information[edit]





Map to Dasha Vestibule and speak to the Key of Ahdashim to enter the hidden city. Once inside, pickup Goren's Sparkling Rock. A hostile baby Saltspray Dragon will hatch out of it and attack the party. Once defeated the dragon will turn into a friendly NPC, that you should chat with and complete the quest.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Xunlai Agent Momo

"You need to give this Sparkling Rock back to your large friend. There have been complaints. The Xunlai guild cannot, and will not, hold such a powerful and potentially lethal object. Furthermore, your friend is banned for eternity from any of the services of the Xunlai guild, or its associates. Please take the Sparkling Rock back for him. He will have to hide it somewhere else."
Yes Accept: "Is that the sound of freedom, rock? Turn it up."
No Decline: "It's just a rock. Roll it down the hill."
Ask Ask: "Just hide that rock somewhere far away. Try the Hidden City of Ahdashim. That should be far enough."

After picking up the rock[edit]

Goren: "There we go. This is the perfect place to hide Shiny. Not too cold. Not too dark. Shiny will be happy here."
Goren: "Uh oh! This is no good. Something came out of Shiny: something bad. And now it's going to be hurting time."

After defeating Shiny[edit]

Goren: "It just called me mommy. I'm a mommy? Who would have thought? I guess I must take care of it. It's my responsibility now, isn't it?"
Goren: "I think I'll call it Shiny, after my rock. By the way, did anyone see where my rock went?"


"Gorrrrrren is my mommmmmy. I'm hungry! Feed me, Goren!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Xunlai Agent Momo

"So the rock was an uber-powerful dragon egg? That explains why we could not hold it. Storage of incendiary beasts is against statute 317 of the Canthan Ministry of Fire code. Do not look at me like that. You can visit Kaineng Center and read the code in person. So, that big oaf is a daddy now? How...cute. Well, here is the rest of the "stuff" he had in this storage account."


  • The baby dragon resides inside the Hidden City, after the completion of the quest.
Anomaly Anomaly.This quest is explicitly titled as Part 2 and its story element follows directly from Part 1; however, Part 1 is only available to characters who chose to keep Goren in Brains or Brawn, while Part 2 is available regardless.


The accept dialogue is a reference to Freedom Rock, a 1987 compilation of classic rock songs, specifically, a phrase used during the television advertisements.