Kormir's Crusade

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Kormir's Crusade
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Rahmor
in Gate of Fear
(Realm of Torment)
Preceded by Gate of Pain
Followed by All Alone in the Darkness
Type Primary quest
Kormirs Crusade map.jpg
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Quest information[edit]




Enter the Domain of Fear from the Gate of Fear and wait for Kormir to finish her speech, then talk to her. You need to escort her to the Gate of Secrets. There are two possible routes: following the quest marker south will lead to the longer, more difficult one. Instead, proceed north (as indicated on the map to the right).

Dispatch or evade the demon patrols until you reach a narrow passage. Beware of the Torment Claws that popup. Follow the path, dispatching Shiro'ken and Titans along the way. This may be your first encounter with the larger Titans; be aware that they will spawn smaller Titans on death (see Titan spawning patterns).

At the end of the yellow area, the path opens up again. Instead of fighting straight through the patrols, you can circle around them to the south to avoid most of the groups.

Do not enter the Gate of Secrets until Kormir reaches the quest marker. Wait for the quest to update and then you can safely enter the portal.






Initial dialogue[edit]


"Kormir is sending scouts out to search for anything we can use in our coming battle...perhaps something from the Five Gods, themselves. They fought Abaddon before, didn't they? I can't imagine how she plans to defeat Abaddon if we don't get supernatural help.
You should go speak with Kormir to find out what we should do next. Be careful, though. I heard one of Abaddon's most powerful generals sent troops to search for you."
Yes Accept: "Thank you for the information. I'll go talk with Kormir."
No Decline: "Maybe later. I think I just saw that general go past."
Ask Ask: "Kormir is waiting for you in the Domain of Fear."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Kormir: "To have any hope of defeating Abaddon, we must find and wield something of great power against him; perhaps some artifact from the first war between the gods."
Kormir: "That's where you come in. I need you scouts to search for anything that might be useful to us; some sign of the influence of the Five Gods on this place or any powerful artifacts we can wield in the coming battle."
Kormir: "Go now. Find what you can. The gods be with you!"
Kormir: "Ah, <Character name>! There you are."
Kormir: "I've just sent my scouts out. With any luck, they will find something we can use against Abaddon. But the more eyes the better. Eh? Come with me. We'll search as well. There is an area none of my scouts have ever searched. Be on your guard for trouble though. If there is some power here we can use, Abaddon will try to keep us from finding it."

Intermediate dialogue 2[edit]


"We have won a significant victory here, but the battle ahead of us will be much more difficult. To have any hope of defeating Abaddon, we may need the power of the gods themselves. None of my scouts have traveled this far into the Realm of Torment, so we are at a disadvantage. But we must press on. This crusade for the ancient power of the gods is our only hope."

Intermediate dialogue 3[edit]

Kormir: "I've never seen this before. Perhaps we'll find what we are looking for on the other side."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Keeper Halyssi
"You wish to contact the gods? Difficult...but, perhaps not impossible. After the battle between the gods, the Margonites were banished here with their fallen lord. It is said their ancient temple was banished with them. If there is a power which can pierce this realm and reach the Five Gods, you will find it within that temple. I am afraid I do not know where the temple lies, though, but I believe it is still here within the Realm of Torment somewhere."


  • This quest can be completed at the same time as The Apostate or A History of Violence. The Apostate follows the northern path while A History of Violence follows the southern path.
  • The Shiro'ken that spawn during this quest are not affected by Lightbringer skills.
  • Kormir follows the party leader, never attacks and rarely uses skills except for "Incoming!". Foes cannot target her but she does take damage from area of effect skills.
  • This quest can relatively easily be run through by any secondary assassin using Deadly Paradox + Shadow Form + Shroud of Distress + any speed buff (cupcakes work well). Wait for Kormir to arrive at the gates and the quest to update before you zone into the outpost, otherwise you will need to repeat the whole run.


  • Kormir says "I've never seen this before." This is an ironic statement considering that she's blind. This could be also a reference to The Matrix.