A History of Violence

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A History of Violence
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Imperial Captain Shi Wang
in Gate of Fear
(Realm of Torment)
Followed by Bad Fortune
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)
A History of Violence map.jpg
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Free the bound souls of the Imperial guards from Shiro's constructs, and find out what they know of Shiro's betrayal.

Quest information[edit]




Leave the Gate of Fear and head south into the swampy area of the Domain of Fear, where you will find the first 2 bound constructs to free. Each construct is accompanied by a mob of Margonites, and there are also patrols of Terrorweb Dryders and hidden creatures to defeat. The final construct is found north on the plain just outside the Gate of Secrets. Particular care should be take here due to the number of patrolling mobs present on the plain.




Demons (Margonites)

Demons (Torment creatures)




Initial dialogue[edit]

Imperial Captain Shi Wang
"When I discovered that Shiro Tagachi lorded over this place, my rage burned hotter than a dragon's fire. Long ago, Shiro and I fought as brothers in the elite Imperial guard, and he was cold-blooded even then. Even so, none of us believed our eyes when he turned on Emperor Angsiyan and slew him. His treachery continues after death...he has been binding the lost souls of this realm into his Shiro'ken constructs. The spirits of my fellow guardsmen are being forced to serve their murderer! <Character name>, please free the souls of my comrades."
Yes Accept: "I shall free your brothers' souls from this terrible servitude."
No Decline: "An elite undead mercenary, you say? Sorry, I like all my limbs. Attached."
Ask Ask: "Free the souls of my comrades! They are bound in the Domain of Fear."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Imperial Guard Hao Li'
"Thank you for releasing me from Shiro's treachery. You know, he did not always have such darkness in his heart. Ambitious, yes, but loyal to Cantha and a true guardsman. I believe that evil forces from this realm manipulated Shiro to assassinate the emperor. How they managed to sway him is the true mystery."
Imperial Guard Kaichen
"I'm indebted to you, friend. Although it has been many years, I still cannot believe that Shiro alone committed the treachery against emperor. During preparations for the harvest ceremony he was on edge, talking about a fortune-teller and a choice he must make. He made no sense at all, and the whole thing still doesn't. But then again, perhaps it can all be explained by how far out of his mind my poor comrade had gone."
Imperial Guard Tiendi
"Ah, freedom. I will remember this compassion, hero. All of these years my anger has been focused on Shiro, but now I find darker forces were at play. Shiro can never gain forgiveness for his crime against the emperor, but know that a greater evil acted as the driving force behind his actions. Abaddon, lord of this realm, sent a minion of his evil to entice Shiro's dark side. Disguised as a simple fortune-teller, this avatar corrupted Shiro thoroughly and used his own black thoughts against him."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Imperial Captain Shi Wang
"Thank you for liberating the other guardsmen. They fought too valiantly in life to deserve such a fate. You say a fortune-teller played a part in Shiro's treachery? Perhaps she ignited the spark of evil that always resided in him...or perhaps he was a pawn all along."



  • There is a movie with the same name as the quest.