The Last Patrol

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The Last Patrol
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Forgotten Keeper
in Gate of Fear or Gate of Pain
(Realm of Torment)
Preceded by Into the Fire
Type Secondary quest
The Last Patrol Map.jpg
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Escort The Oddbodies to the site of The Unseen's summoning and stop the Portal Wraiths before it is too late.

Quest information[edit]




Enter the Domain of Fear and talk to Captain Yithlis. Head south into the swamp.

The goal of this quest is to kill three Portal Wraiths performing a ritual near The Mouth of Torment. There are many foes nearby: Torment creatures, Torment Claws, Terrorweb Dryders, Grasp of Insanities and Scythe of Chaos. Avoid over-aggro and proceed with caution (pulls, watch minions).

The Oddbodies do not have to survive to complete this quest.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Forgotten Keeper

"I have a message for you from Captain Yihtlis [sic]. He requests that you meet him in the Domain of Fear to help him with something important. Something invisible to the eye. He would tell me no more."
Yes Accept: "I will go to meet him."
No Decline: "Crazy oddballs. They're on their own this time."
Ask Ask: "Meet Captain Yithlis in the Domain of Fear. He says it's important."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Captain Yithlis

"I am glad you could make it, <Party Leader's name>. We have located the place where Abaddon's servants intend to raise this demon. We are ready to begin the assault. It would be an honor to fight by your side in the defense of our people."
Captain Yithlis "You all know what's at stake. If the Unseen is unleashed, Abaddon will gain a powerful ally, powerful enough to shatter his chains! That is not going to happen! Now while we are able to do something about it! May the god have mercy on their souls!"

After defeating the Portal Wraiths:

Captain Yithlis "Well done... friends... We did it. We have saved... we have... my friends... *cough*"
Igraine: "Captain! He's hurt... Captain?"
Captain Yithlis: "There's no time to talk now, companions. Listen to me. You must return to Commander Thurnis... tell him... tell him we... won. Garfaz... get them home safely. It was an honor to fight... with you."
Garfaz Steelfur: "Return to Thurnis, <Party Leader's name>. We still have work to do."
The Lost: "Yes. Yithlis deserves a burial."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Commander Thurnis

"The threat was real? And you say Yithlis has fallen? I need some time to...think about what you have said."





Torment creatures