Scout Ahktum

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Scout Ahktum
Affiliation The Oddbodies
Type Ghost
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall

Scout Ahktum was a member of the Sunspears, a group I believe you are familiar with. He was an ambassador to the Kournans; his mission was to prevent war. When Kormir's soldiers attacked, the Kournans turned on Ahktum. He was killed in the assault on Kourna and found himself here...tainted and sacrificed by the very Kournans he was fighting to save. Ironic, is it not?

Archivist Zisthus, Gate of Torment

Scout Ahktum is a member of The Oddbodies.




"I was a devout man who followed the Five True Gods. I did my best to serve Elona. I went into Fahranur, the First City, on Kormir's orders. Look at what my devotion and my service won me... an eternity of torment!"