Into the Fire

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Into the Fire
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Forgotten Keeper
in Gate of Fear or Gate of Pain
(Realm of Torment)
Preceded by The Oddbodies
Followed by The Last Patrol
Type Secondary quest
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Quest information[edit]




Start from Gate of Fear, which is the only entrance to the Domain of Pain. Thenemi is waiting just outside. From there, follow the quest pointer to the other Oddbodies; you must find each of them before Captain Yithlis will be ready to speak with you. Each Oddbody will follow you as an ally, making the fights easier as you proceed; they do not need to survive to complete the quest.

Although there is no visible bridge between Scout Ahktum and The Lost, the river of souls can still be crossed just like in the mission. Eventually, you will reach the captain; speak to him to receive the reward.




Initial dialogue[edit]

Forgotten Keeper
"Those foolish followers of Captain Yithlis embarked on a mission without orders! They knew I did not believe their wild tales, yet they've gone to "find proof" of this Unseen. They intend to find the location where they say Abaddon's followers will summon this terrible demon. They have yet to return."
"Journey to the Domain of Pain. See if you can find what's left of them."
Yes Accept: "I will find them...again."
No Decline: "Not again...."
Ask Ask: "Search the Domain of Pain. Find those fools who call themselves the Oddbodies."

The Oddbodies[edit]

"<Character name>! I never thought I'd see a friendly face again...even one as ugly as yours. How terrifying it is to be stranded out here alone! The Oddbodies were ambushed! We were set up! They knew where we were headed. They were waiting for us! That new general of Abaddon's...the one they called Shiro...ambushed us. The others were scattered. You must help me find them...if any still survive. Oh, poo!"
Garfaz Steelfur
"Humans! It is good to see you again! I have been teaching these demons a lesson. Now they know what it means to face a Charr warrior in battle! The fires, the pain! Just like my days shattering the Ascalon Wall. Ha!, but now that we are reunited, we can truly put some feat into these cowardly Margonites."
Scout Ahktum
"I thought for certain I was going to be consumed by one of these demons, and now you show up. Perhaps my luck is changing? Or is this fate toying with me, giving me false hope before crushing me completely. Let's get this over with."
The Lost
"I am glad you have arrived. These lands are dangerous for me now that I have betrayed the god of my people. I deceived these demons into thinking I was still a servant of Abaddon. I would rather have slain them all."
"It's strange. I was out here all alone, separated from the others and yet I was unafraid. Have I finally lost my mind? Gives me the shivers. May I borrow your cloak?"
Captain Yithlis
"Once again, I owe you a great debt, <Character name>. This squad is the last chance for me to regain some small measure of honor. You will forever have my gratitude for rescuing me and my band of Oddbodies."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Captain Yithlis
"It's clear to me now. The way we were singled out and assaulted proves we were correct regarding Abaddon's plan to summon the Unseen. We will continue our search for the summoning grounds and send word when we discover it. Until then, may the gods watch over you."


  • There is a Treasure Chest near Igraine.
  • There are two other quests inside the Domain of Pain (given by the Wandering Soul in the Leech Tunnels), namely a Faded Memory and the follow-up A Fleshy Operation. You can use the Oddbodies to help complete these quests. After picking up Igraine, instead of heading to Captain Yithlis, proceed to perform these quest first and then return to Captain Yithlis to finish "Into the Fire".